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What is AdsSupply? A Platform Walkthrough 

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The advertising industry has seen a tremendous shift from its conventional style to an ever-changing technology-based marketing strategy of reaching out to the masses worldwide using the internet. Thanks to the digital revolution, it’s now much more accessible and simple to advertise online a wide variety of businesses, products, and services, from and to anywhere in the world. In this review, we’ll discuss a new digital advertising platform called ‘Ads Supply.’    

What is the AdsSupply Platform?

AdsSupply, at, is a new self-service platform for creating, running, and optimizing online advertising campaigns. AdsSupply uses the Cost-per-lead (CPL) model, which basically means that the advertiser pays for an explicit sign-up from a consumer interested in the advertiser’s offer. It is also commonly known as online lead generation. 

AdsSupply stands out because of its unique blend of integration between rich functionalities into one user interface.

Advantages of the AdsSupply advertising platform are: 

  • The users can specify the category they want to work with, like advertising in sports and fitness alone, for example. 
  • When creating a campaign, the user can use specifics such as graphics and call-to-action (CTA) to customize their creatives.
  • Based on geography, type of placement, and other specifics, the users can refine their campaign targets. 
  • Users can benefit from the advanced tracking system to be abreast of the performance of their campaign and make necessary adjustments to improve results.
  • AdsSupply understands the importance of educating new users and encourages them to focus on their advertising campaigns without being overwhelmed by the hordes of different publishers and other network advertisers. In other words, all they have to do is to focus on creating their banner ad campaign, and AdsSupply will take care of the rest. 
  • The users benefit from AdsSupply’s partnerships with multiple publisher networks, as this provides them with cost-effective options and a variety of CPL (cost-per-lead) advertisers to choose.   
  • The users get broader exposure and audience for their target or criteria based advertisements and campaigns, as the AdsSupply platform gets their ads published across various publisher sites.         

AdsSupply Platform’s Capabilities 

There are many CPL advertisers out there with varied attractive offers that merchants can opt for based on their requirements. However, the AdsSupply platform stands out in its uniqueness in terms of making online marketing more accessible to more people, especially those with no prior experience (i.e., newbies) in digital advertising and marketing. The platform provides an apt blend in their dashboard interface that removes the complexity of creating new ad campaigns and demonstrates an easy and straightforward solution to an audience with minimal technical skills.     

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the campaign creation process:

– Select – Choose a product or service category to promote.

– Define – Customize your banner ad’s visuals and messaging.

– Publish – Broadcast the ad to hundreds of thousands of web users worldwide.

– Collect – Earn commissions for every new lead generated. 

Yes, it’s that simple (no exaggeration). 

To sum it up, the AdsSupply platform is a major leap in digital advertising and marketing that makes it easy for anyone to start running CPL ad campaigns quickly and easily.    

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