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What Is a WiFi Router Guard?

Router Guard

A router is a device that offers a line of connection between the internet and other WiFi-compatible devices in an area. The word “route” implies that it manages the traffic between these gadgets and the World Wide Web.

A good-quality router might ensure a speedier internet service and excellent protection from cyber threats. It might also render those annoying dead spots for WiFi irrelevant.

These all sound amazing, right? Though these are probably things you already know and love about a WiFi router. That said, did you know the device also has qualities that are not so lovable?

Discover how you can get protected from a WiFi router’s not-so-good qualities at Beat EMF. In the meantime, we will engage in our own discussion of what is known as a WiFi guard. It does exactly what its name implies: safeguard you from the potentially dangerous things that could come from your WiFi. 

Why Do You Need Protection From Your WiFi Router?

Most of the negativity surrounding WiFi use has to do with the radiation generated by the device. It refers to the radiofrequency radiation emitted by the router, which falls under the same category as smartphone radiation. We’re already victims of the latter, whether we like it or not, so why make our situation any worse?

There’s also the fact that a router’s signal can penetrate through walls, so there’s really no escaping them. Top that off with a router’s function of providing a 24/7 internet connection, and you also get 24/7 exposure to its radiation. That’s not the best situation to be in, knowingly or unknowingly.

So, what happens when you’re constantly exposed to EMF radiation?

Effects on Sleep

Say goodbye to healthy sleep patterns with constant exposure to EMF radiation. No one talks about this enough when it comes to WiFi router problems, making it more dangerous than it ought to be.

Nevertheless, there is no denying the importance of sleep in our lives, which makes using a router guard essential. It has been proven that EMF radiation, particularly those coming from smartphones and routers, is especially harmful to the body because it impacts sleep.

The body, especially the brain, interprets these radioactive signals in the same way it does light. It then reacts to the exposure by reducing melatonin production, the hormone responsible for regulating the quality and quantity of sleep. In addition, large traces of EMF radiation, such as those produced by your WiFi router, near you as you’re in bed might also keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

You probably have some idea what lack of sleep does, right? Aside from making you feel irritable, it also keeps your immune system from functioning at a high level, putting you at risk for diseases and illnesses.

Effects on the Body

There’s a chance you could suffer from electro-hypersensitivity because of regular exposure to EMF radiation from your WiFi router. This means your body’s red blood cell production gets disrupted by the electromagnetic signals coming from the device. They become erratic and start performing functions unsuitable for the situation, such as taking a defensive stance without provocation.

These are some of the other effects EMF is known to have on the body:

  • It keeps it from producing full and healthy cells, which is an indication of healthy cells.
  • Reduces a cell’s absorption power, preventing it from taking in the nutrients necessary to reproduce and regenerate.
  • It prevents the cell from eliminating toxins and free radicals, which leaves you vulnerable to all kinds of sickness. 

How the Router Guard Plays a Role in All This

So, what’s this device all about? Basically, it’s something that safeguards from the effects of EMF. It’s a simple, cage-like device meant to house your router, both to protect it from outside forces and to protect you from the router’s radioactive impact.

To use the device, you simply need to unplug the router, place it inside the cage, have the cords pass through wherever they’re supposed to and plug the router again. These devices use the Faraday cage concept to bring down the radiation levels emitted by the router. It also does the job without disrupting the WiFi connection, making it even more of a necessity.

These cages work because their mesh structure keeps the router’s electromagnetic energy from being released into the surroundings. The tiny spaces of the mesh, which are even tinier than the smallest electromagnetic wavelength released by the router, help seal in the radiation.

Consider Health When Using Technology

We’re reminded time and time again of the pros and cons of technology. While developments like routers make life more convenient, they also come with downsides, particularly in terms of how long-term use affects your health.

WiFi guards are just some of the newly hatched products used to counter these negative effects. Using these accessories, you won’t have to worry too much about WiFI radiation that might impact your quality of life in the long run.

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