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What is a Good Website Traffic?

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Buying goods and services online has become a favorite practice for shoppers worldwide, thanks to the increased global internet penetration. The online shift has forced businesses to create websites in order to reach new markets and customers.

Competition is stiff in the digital arena, and driving traffic to a site is essential. There is a direct relationship between the number of visitors a site receives and the success of the associated business. Though there is no bad amount of traffic, low session duration and high bounce rate are things to keep an eye on. Extremely low website traffic means you are losing while your competitors continue to gain.

Four Ways to Determine Good Website Traffic

Getting more online visits does not mean that you drive more traffic to your site without regard to quality. Good traffic should be converted to inquiries and finally generate sales. If you are not sure how to get quality traffic, you can use a traffic bot from a trusted supplier. Here are some of the ways to measure the quality of your website traffic.

Lead Conversions

Lead conversion is a priority for many people in the B2B space since it determines your business’s success. Good and quality website traffic should lead to more conversions hence increased business.

Creating valuable, relevant, and evergreen content is the most important tool in quality traffic generation. Publishing customized content with a call to action can increase qualified traffic to your website.

Bounce Rate

Some visitors to your site will navigate away after viewing just one page. A high bounce rate is an indicator of bad traffic, while a low bounce rate means good traffic. Recipe and e-commerce sites usually have a high bounce rate because visitors may be only interested in comparing prices.

If your site has a high bounce rate, it is an indicator that you are attracting the wrong traffic, and there is a need to come up with new ways to engage the visitors or target the right traffic.

Number of Page Views

Everyone wants to have a high number of page views per month. However, increased page views from unqualified traffic are pointless. What matters here is not the number but the quality of the traffic. Good traffic comprises of visitors who will convert and lead to increased sales generation. 

Average Time Spent On Page

Good site visitors spend more time on a single page. They take time to read the available content, watch the uploaded videos, or fill out any forms available. If visitors spend time interacting with your web content, they are interested in the content and make qualified traffic.

It would help if you strengthened your product or service pages so that they attract good traffic. Get ahead by providing your visitors with enough reason to choose you over your competitors.

Parting Shot

Though numbers are important, quality plays a crucial role in judging good website traffic. If you have to choose between 100 dimes and 100 pennies, you will go for dimes. The number of the coins is the same, but the dimes are more valuable. The same applies to website traffic. Value is more important than the number.

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