What happens When You Run Out Of Brake Fluid In Your Car?

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Brake fluid is part of the hydraulic system of our cars; it is used to transform the force we exert on the pedal into braking pressure. For proper functioning, it must have a high boiling temperature so that it does not evaporate, a constant viscosity, it must protect from corrosion, and have a meager compression rate so that the sensation in the brake pedal is consistent.

We spoke to a representative from Crusader Vans who has a lot of experience on the topic at hand and they said, “Brake fluid is a kind of hydraulic fluid used in hydraulic brake and clutch applications in cars. It transfers force into pressure to allow braking force. Brake fluids are very essential and without them, the braking system cannot work properly. It is important to check the brake fluid frequently as you check other fluids in your engine because a decrease in the brake fluid level can make the system not function properly.” To know more about crusader vans, visit this link:

Being a liquid, it is consumed and evaporates over time like any other fluid. Its duration is much longer than others used in vehicles.

Reasons Why We Lose Brake Fluid

One of the reasons for the lowering of the brake fluid level is due to the normal wear of the brake pads since the jaw pistons extend as the pads wear out due to the friction generated with the disc.

Another of the most common reasons for having a low brake fluid level is fluid leakage; We can see it in the hoses and tubes that can be seen between the brake pump and the jaws.

Over time, this liquid suffers wear, which is why it is essential to replace it with some regularity. It is put in poor condition due to the ambient air, causing the liquid to take on moisture, in which case we will notice a spongy touch on the brake pedal.

Due to this humidity and wear and tear over time, the boiling point of the liquid can decrease by 20% in two years. Therefore, it is Tucson Brake Repair highly recommended to replace it before two years.

What Happens When Brake Fluid Is Low?

It usually should not be refilled, so if it is below its level, it could be due to a defect in the brakes. One of the main reasons for the decrease of this fluid is the wear of pads or shoes, which forces the wheel cylinders to extend to compensate. It can also happen due to a leak, which would result in a decrease in hydraulic pressure, which results in weak brakes.

The Tucson Brake Repair provides service of all the brake fluids related issues


This warning light can start to turn on when the brake fluid is at a low level, so we must check the system and repair it.

Loss of Effectiveness When Pressing the Pedal

If we begin to feel that the pedal pressure is low, it will surely be because of the brake fluid has lost its properties and does not work correctly, so it is time to check it before running entirely without brakes.

Feeling Bounce In The Pedal

If we notice that the Pedal bounces or does not operate correctly, it may be because the brake fluid is too hot and bubbles are forming, so we must change it immediately since it cannot withstand temperature and the car can lose its ability to brake.

If we find the brake fluid with an excessively low level, it can be due to several causes. One of them is the normal wear of the brake pads. The other, more worrisome, is due to an internal leak. In the latter case, you must go to Tucson Brake Repair as soon as possible.

Deviation when braking

When we brake the car a little hard and feel that it tries to “collect” or move from side to side, it is probably a problem of pressure in the system, it may be due to a lack of maintenance of brakes, or the brake fluid does not have the adequate properties.

The safety of the occupants of the vehicle depends in no small extent on the functioning of the braking system, so it is crucial not to overlook any signs of fluid loss or wear of the pads and the disc.

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