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What Do I Consider When Setting Up A Salon Loft To Get More Customers?


The pros of the 9-5 work-life often go as far as creating a healthy work-life balance, easy access to the work community, and promotion of individual growth and improvement. To gain financial freedom and stability, you may consider an alternative route such as starting a business. Owning a business provides a perfect opportunity to be your boss and take charge of your schedule. Other enticing prospects include getting to choose your product line, pricing, and defining the work culture. A strong client base is vital in building a vibrant business, and so is experience and business acumen. Salon Lofts writes about how to stay inspired, attract customers and make a profit. Here is an article on what it takes to set up salon lofts and build a steady clientele:

I. Set strategies to gain more hands-on experience

Newly licensed salon stylists, colorists, and similar cadres of workers can gain critical knowledge and skills in customer service by working under the supervision of more experienced peers for a given timeframe. As a starting point, always choose salons in busy places such as popular shopping arcades where there is heavy foot traffic. The experience obtained will help you create a vibrant salon with great staff offering impressive cuts and styling. With an unyielding commitment, you can do more to educate and capture the audience’s imagination by posting how-to videos showcasing various aspects of the trade.

II. Grow self-promotion by leveraging business reputation and network

A quick strategy to grow a solid client base is marketing yourself. Self-promotion can take different angles. A case in point is running regular advertising and promotion using business cards and social media to target specific areas of interest and demographics. Salon owners with a good reputation can leverage the prevailing goodwill by assuming the role of brand ambassador. The opportunity may be more lucrative if a corporate partner is roped into the plan. As part of a promotion, salon businesses should also strive to hold good relationships with suppliers or distributors to reap maximum benefits such as attractive purchase terms and discounts on various retail products. Businesses with online footprints can enjoy better market visibility.

III. Institute salon business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track success

Get the saloon to adopt its own KPIs as a strategy to align your efforts and goals targeted at achieving the results that you and your team can account for. Any measures instituted must be communicated to the rest of the team to boost service delivery and build team spirit. The definitive KPIs for salon business include the number of clients, profit margin, client frequency, and product and service pricing. These measures should ideally be tracked on a monthly basis.

IV. Grow business by looking inwards

New businesses can successfully build clientele by looking inwards and making the most out of what is available. Start by speaking to family and friends to see if you extract business from them. From here, you can craft a long-term plan for future business growth and investment. The saloon can also grow by listing the business in online directories and offering new styling that promises to change the client’s looks. Listing the business in online directness will make it easier for people searching online to find your business and make inquiries.

V. Partner with businesses serving the community

Salons can grow by partnering with other small businesses to promote each other’s trade. The other benefits are an opportunity to build brand reputation and broadening business reach. Partnering businesses can begin the crusade by giving reciprocal thumbs on social media platforms and dolling each other’s business cards to respective clients. The clients emerging from the relationship can quickly turn into loyal customers and help you build a strong brand. Networking opportunities should also be taken into stride when running a salon business. One of the strategies is attending local business and neighborhood association meetings.

VI. Work out strategies to make your business relevant

Putting up measures to keep the business relevant is vital in ensuring higher customer retention rates. Key areas of focus include updating the business website with new and relevant content and encouraging recent reviews. Procedures like the sign-up process and contact page should be made easy to all users. Secondly, the business owner needs to learn how to persuade new users to offer positive reviews about the salon as a strategy to spread positive word of mouth. Powerful platforms for online reviews include Yelp, Google Review, and Facebook.

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