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What Causes Water Damage?

Water damage broken pipes

Water damage is an inevitable occurrence in any property. There are many causes for water damage and the most common among them include floods, leaks, pipes bursting, and even overflowing toilets. Leaking faucets, plumbing pipes, and channels in the driveway or concrete sidewalks can create a mess that is hard to clean up by yourself. In such situations, you might have to hire an expert from Water Mold Fire Restoration of Austin for cleanup.

How Water Damage Occurs

Water damage can occur in two general scenarios – flooding or water seepage. Flooding is a natural disaster resulting from heavy rainfall, storm surge, overflowing rivers of overflowing dams. Seepage is a gradual accumulation of water that can be due to weather conditions, plumbing problems, or even condensation if your house has insufficient insulation.

Seepage can be either internal or external to your property.  Signs of seepage are usually quite subtle at first and difficult to find. This makes recognizing the signs of water damage not only important but also difficult, so if you don’t know what causes water damage you might not even recognize the signs. There are common causes of water damage in a home, and they include:

Damaged Pipes

One of the most frequent causes of water damage in homes is damaged pipes. Pipes can suffer from a wide range of problems, including leaks, breaks, corrosion, and even physical damage. Some property owners may not realize that their plumbing system has been damaged until they experience water damage.

Look for pipes in places where water tends to collect, such as crawl spaces, cupboards, and attics, if you notice any evidence of water damage and contact a plumber soon enough to avoid further issues. Look for Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga ON for the best plumbing services!

The first step in preventing the spread of water-borne diseases is to turn off the main water supply. Once that is done, looking for signs of flooding or other leaks should help to find out the source of the leak or breakage. The first sign that your pipes are leaking is the sound of water dripping or running into a downspout.

Structural Damage

Structural damage occurs when a force moves a house in such a way that it affects the structure of the building. If this happens, leaks can develop in hidden places such as your basement or crawlspace. 

For example, a house may tilt or shift when its foundation is unable to support it anymore. This can cause the water supply to be disrupted or even leak causing a lot of water to accumulate in these areas. There are times when water can only leak into your house through small cracks around the door or window frames. 

These leaks are caused by structural problems in your home, and they often lead to a lot of expensive repairs. Structural damage can also be caused by things like termites or even the weather, and these small cracks are common sources of water damage in a home. 

Clogged Drains

Another common source of water damage in a home is a clogged drain. The pipes in your house are connected to each other through a series of valves, and when you have any kind of blockage, it can lead to flooding. To check for clogs or other problems, you can purchase drain cleaners from your local hardware store and clear out the drain leading to the bathroom sink.

Why you should Call Water Damage Restoration Experts

Water damage can be one of the most frustrating problems in a home. It can cause a lot of expensive and time-consuming repairs, and it is often hard to determine the source of the problem. Every kind of damage from clogged drains to natural disasters could be responsible for flooding your house, which is why it’s important to know what’s causing water damage in a home.

Water damage destroys and robs. It destroys the things that matter to you, from photographs to clothing. It robs you of your space and belongings. But with a little help, water damage doesn’t have to be a life-changing event or prohibitively expensive repair job. The sooner you take care of the problem, the less expensive it will be to fix it up. Reach out to a disaster restoration expert as soon as possible so that the problem is not getting out of hand. 

It’s not just about the physical damage – water can taint the air and harm your health. That’s why you should call a water restoration company immediately. They will dry your home and remove any potential future harm with state-of-the-art equipment. They’ll also clean and sanitize the area to prevent mold growth.

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