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What Can You Do With Cold Email

Cold Email

The infographic was provided by and is republished here with permission.

Cold emailing can be a successful channel for sales lead generation, link building, co-marketing partnerships, and PR. But, if you are just starting out, it might be hard to know what you need to do to make your cold emailing campaigns successful.

  • When is the best day and time to send cold emails to ensure I get a reply?
  • How many emails should I send?
  • How much should I personalize my emails, and does it make a difference?
  • What is a good open or reply rate?
  • What kind of call-to-action should I have in my email?

To answer these questions, you could send thousands and thousands of cold emails yourself, testing out the copy, subject lines, and schedule. But, that would take a long time.

So, combing through studies and surveys, we sought out the answers to these questions to help you send better cold email campaigns. And we’ve put together an infographic.

This infographic breaks down everything you need to know about sending cold emails. It touches on everything from message contents to the number of emails to send to the right day/time to send your emails.

It has a few different sections, including:

  • Conversion rates
  • Segmentation and personalization
  • Subject lines
  • Schedule
  • Follow-ups

It answers the questions:

What Can You Do With Cold Emailing?

We look at different cold email outreach strategies being used by different marketers and salespeople.

How Does Segmentation & Personalization Affect Responses?

Does the number of people you reach out to in your outreach campaign affect your results? And, what effect does personalizing your emails affect your response rate? This helps us to determine whether or not the time investment to personalize outweighs the cost.

How Does Personalizing Subject Lines Affect Open?

If you have your contact’s name in the subject line, how does that affect whether they open your email?

When is the Best Time to Send Cold Emails?

We look to see which send time gets the best response rate.

When is the Best Day to Send Cold Emails?

This was interesting in that we came across different studies that gave us insights into cold email response rates based on the type of outreach being conducted. So, we examined cold emails for sales lead generation as well as cold emails for link building, to see what the most successful days of the week tend to be for their outreach campaigns.

How Important Are Follow-Up Emails?

Again looking to cold emails for sales vs. link building, we break down the open rates of follow-up emails to evaluate how many emails you should send in an email sequence.

What Kinds of Calls to Action Are Most Effective in Cold Emails?

For sales, in particular, we encountered differing advice on what to include as your call-to-action in an email. Some articles we read suggested being specific – “Are you free tomorrow at 2pm?” – while others suggested asking about whether the contact is even interested first – “Are you interested to learn more?” So, we found studies that helped us determine what the most effective call to action is.

How Important is A/B Testing in Cold Email?

If you A/B test different variables in your outreach, how is that going to affect your cold email campaigns’ success?

You can check the infographic out below, and let us know about your experience with cold emailing!

what you can do with cold email infographic

Author’s Bio: Andy Cabasso is a startup founder, digital marketing professional, speaker, and lawyer. He is the co-founder of Postaga, an all-in-one platform for link building and email outreach. Prior to Postaga, he started, grew, and then successfully sold a digital marketing agency.

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