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What Are The Most Popular Tile Sizes?

Tiled Floor

It’s helpful to have an outsider’s perspective when planning a new construction project or a remodel. Sometimes that means asking your friend for their opinion on the best countertops, tiles, and other materials involved. Sometimes, this means seeking expert advice about the most popular styles in home decor. You might wonder, for example, “What size is the most popular?”.

There are many popular options for tile shapes and sizes. Here are some top choices to help you choose the best tiles in SA for your construction project. 

1×1 Squares

These 1-inch square tiles can be used in many ways. They can be used to create a single-color or variegated layout. For intricate mosaics and geometric designs, small tiles are ideal. Bathroom designs often include tiny tiles. Because of the numerous grout lines, they can be used on both powder-room floors and the bottoms and sides of showers. A textured tile pattern is a good choice for bathroom floors that are often wet. This helps reduce the slippery effect in the bathroom.

Wall designs can also be made with small tiles of one inch. These tiles can also be used in bathrooms along the edges of the shower and on the floor.

4×4 Squares

During the project, you can also choose 4-inch square tiles. This size is commonly used as wall tiles. This dimension can also cover the sides or tops of countertops in the kitchen or bathroom. As an accent, you can use 4×4 squares in a more complex design. These tiles could be used to make a border at the chair-rail height along your wall. These tiles are also great for creating a kitchen backsplash. For square tiles, the next size is usually 6×6. It is more common to find 6-inch tiles for a floor design than 4-inch tiles.

3×6 Rectangles

Subway tile is one of the most well-known tile designs. Standard subway tiles are 3×6 inches. This is also known as brick tile. It’s a reliable, familiar style, regardless of its name.

Subway designs can be used in many ways. They are often laid horizontally using an offset pattern. Even though it has various variations, you can achieve similar looks by using smaller or larger tiles with the same dimensions. Sides should be at a ratio of 1:2. You might find that 1-inch by 2-inch, 6-inch by 12-inch, or 1-inch-by-2-inch tiles would be more suitable for your design.

6×6 Hexagons

Hexagons are a unique tile shape that has squares and rectangles. This shape is very popular. For floors and walls, 6-inch hexagons can be used.

Hexagons can be used to create attractive geometric designs. They make rooms feel more alive and more vibrant. Hexagonal tiles in bold colors will give any space a striking look.

12×12 squares

One-foot square tiles are a popular choice for tile sizes. This type of tile is most commonly used on floors, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens in living spaces and entryways. You can even place them on the walls depending on what your interests are.

There are fewer grout lines when tiles are 12 inches in diameter or larger. This can give a room a smooth, unbroken appearance that homeowners often love. This is a trendy tile size, so you will likely have many options to choose from when shopping. You can choose from a variety of natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic tiles.

12×24 Rectangles

Large-format tiles are extremely popular right now. Large-format tiles are made with at least one size larger than 12 inches. It uses the same 1:2 ratio of subway tiles. You’ll often see it at 12 by 24 inches.  This ratio is very pleasing to the eyes of many people.

Large-format tiles make rooms appear larger. These tiles are great for creating a spacious feeling in large rooms, but they can also enhance the appearance of smaller rooms.

6×36 Planks

Tiles that look like hardwood floors are a popular choice for homeowners. You can often find wood-look tiles in sizes of 6 by 36 inches. These tiles are also known as plank tiles. Plank tiles can be laid side-by-side, just like hardwood flooring. Some tiles look so similar to natural wood grain that it is difficult to distinguish the two.

You should look for planks at least 48 inches in length to get the best wood look. These can be difficult to find, but a tile expert will help you. Designers recommend using shorter planks for a herringbone. For this look, you can use tiles that are 36 inches long or go for 24-inch tiles. It would be easy to get confused about what you want, but expert advice will help make a choice better.

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