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What Are the Best Painting Tools for Your Home?

Paint and Painting Tools

When it comes to choosing the best painting tools, one has to be very careful. From the right painting tools to enough preparation, you should get hobby paints online for your painting to be perfect. So if you are looking for the best painting tools, you must be ready to collect paintbrushes and more.

According to companies like GSD Painting and Decorating Contractors in N London, a painter’s biggest mistake is to purchase cheap tools. Continue reading to learn about all the must-have painting tools for your home.

1. Painter’s Tape

As one of the best painting tools, painter’s tape will help you cover the area you don’t want to paint. With different types of painter’s tape in the market, make sure you choose the best for your project. 

Once you are finished painting, allow the paint to dry before plucking it off. This way, you’ll prevent the latex paint from pulling away with the paint. While looking for the best painter’s tape, you’ll want to consider how to apply it. Remember that you should also pay attention to when you need to remove it after application.

2. Roller

If your space is big, then a roller works wonders. While natural rollers are meant for oil-based paints, synthetic rollers are suitable for latex. Before settling on any roller, test it out to see whether it’s the right fit for you. While 9-inch rollers are suitable for the walls, you can use other types of rollers to paint different parts of the house.

3. Paint Tray

If you are using a roller, a paint tray is a must-have. To ensure your painting project succeeds, buy a strong metal paint tray. You can then use disposable inserts if you want to paint different colors. You can dip the roller inside the tray before rolling it back and forth to spread the paint and remove any excess paint.

4. Wonder Bucket

Whether you want to paint well or keep everything in place, Wonder Bucket is the right tool for you. Unlike other tools, you don’t have to use a paint tray to carry the paint. There are several benefits that come with using this tray. Apart from preserving the paint, you don’t have to worry about constant refills or paint spills. Best of all, these tools are portable. Most painters prefer them over trays.

5. Paint Sprayer

Just like a paintbrush, a paint sprayer can help you save lots of time. Provided you are careful while using it; you can rest assured your work will be perfect. If you have a large painting project, this is the right tool for you.

6. Paint Brush

Compared to rollers, brushes are ideal for painting small surfaces. If you want to apply oil-based paints, use natural bristle brushes. But for latex paints, polyester brushes work best. To make your project easier, choose an angled brush. You can then use a flat-headed brush to feel in large even places.

7. Painter’s Rag

Apart from painting,  the rag is suitable for doing a lot of things. From wiping out the paint that drips to ensuring that your work comes out neat, you can not do without a painter’s rag. The rag can be of various materials like canvas or drop cloths. Although canvas clothes are expensive, they absorb well and last long. Unlike canvas plastics, drop cloths are reusable and lightweight.

8. Five in One Paint Tool

As a little powerhouse functional tool, Five in one Paint Tool will help you paint around the house and other hard-to-reach places. Fitted with a flat edge, it helps scraps and applies putty in holes, removes caulk, and opens all the paint cans. Some are also fitted with curved surfaces for removing the paint.

9. Edger

If you only have small areas, such as window molding that you don’t want the paint to cover, use a  plastic edger or metal instead of tape. Next, you’ll want to place the edger in places you don’t want to paint before applying the paint. To make sure you don’t accidentally paint certain areas, it’s important to clean them well with a rag.

10. Strong Ladder and Stool

When looking for the right ladder, choose one that’s specific to your weight. Alongside your weight, you need to add up everything that you’ll carry with you when considering the weight that the ladder can handle. For quick repainting or touch-ups, you need to invest in a good touch-up stool. If your walls are constantly touched, this little tool will help you make easy touch-ups.

There you have it – the top ten painting tools to help you paint your home.

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