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What Are The Benefits Of Instagram?

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Among the many social networks, one of the most popular is Instagram. Many people regularly, several times a day, post their photo posts to their account, monitor the number of likes, respond to comments, and view other people’s feeds. With the advent of cameras in mobile phones, taking photos is becoming more affordable. And sharing beautiful shots with friends is easier. Many social networks support uploading photos, and some, such as Instagram, are specifically designed for them.

Why has Instagram become so popular?

  1. Firstly, it provides an opportunity for self-expression. Where else, if not here, can you share events from your life, any observations, or even thoughts? And where else, if not here, to be heard and seen? People are more likely to rate photographs than blog posts, as they visualize pictures more easily and naturally.
  2. Secondly, the network Instagram allows you to find both new friends with whom you can share all your best pictures, and new customers, if we are talking about a commercial account.
  3. Thirdly, Instagram promotes the integration of other networks. So, you can share your pictures with users of Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and many other services, which makes the application almost universal.
  4. Fourth, Instagram is also a way to communicate and interact with people. With it, you can overcome loneliness, make new friends and even organize an event, for example, a party.
  5. Fifth, Instagram is a mobile application, which means that its features will always be at hand. If you just made an interesting photo, you can almost instantly upload it to the network to share your thoughts and emotions with other people.
  6. Sixth, this application includes the capabilities of a multifunctional center for processing, preparing and posting photos. Judge for yourself: the developers have proposed an impressive arsenal of pre-installed filters for processing the source images; the possibility of publishing as visible to everyone (or only friends), and addressed to a specific person; possibilities for sending publications to other services; convenient image cropping options.

Become popular

Despite all the undeniable advantages of this social network, success in promoting your own page depends on several factors. This, of course, is the presence of good and high-quality material, as well as finding the best site to buy Instagram followers. In this case, the profile can become very popular. Galaxy Marketing can help you reach your desired goal of Instagram followers. Nitreo is another site that can help you gain Instagram followers. In addition, a social media agency like PathSocial can help you organically grow your Instagram followers.

Pros and cons of the application

If you have not been on this social network or registered there, it’s time to get your own account. We assure you, Instagram is interesting. We will continue and talk about the pros and cons of this portal.

Instagram Features

Instagram is two concepts at once. Initially, only the program for iOS and Android was presented to the general public, but now developers offer the site. Unlike the application, you cannot upload photos to the site, but you can edit the profile and just see the image feed.

The program itself provides ample opportunities for processing and uploading to the Internet photos from the camera or flash drive of your portable device (smartphone or tablet). The most popular features of the application:

  • creating snapshots and video files;
  • processing photos using specialized unique filters;
  • uploading images to the Internet and publishing them in your profile;
  • instant repost of messages to other social networks;
  • viewing photos of other users;
  • search for accounts of stars, popular personalities, just interesting people, for example, travelers;
  • communication on interests in the comments to the photo.

Pros and Cons of Instagram

Instagram is very popular due to its positive qualities, but, of course, it also has certain disadvantages. Let’s try to see how this social network differs from others and what its advantages are.

Instagram Pros

Some fans of the application believe that the idea itself, which gives a chance to seemingly accidentally show others its reality, can be called brilliant. Not everyone agrees with this, but the fact remains: Instagram is a lot of very different photos from a variety of people. Here you will find:

  • Quickly upload pictures to the Internet. In fact, you can broadcast your life online. New shoes, an interesting figurine, a funny inscription or a beautiful dish – all of them instantly find themselves in the global network;
  • Simple photo search by interests. Tags (hashtags) are used for it. There are hashtags with city names or with designations of objects in photographs;
  • Easy follow other users’ accounts. There are no “friends” here, you can simply follow a person and watch his photo without approval from him. This is used by fans of stars and media people, which are many on the site.

Cons of Instagram

Like any modern social network, Instagram has its drawbacks. Many users remain unhappy about the following aspects:

  • low options in terms of setting privacy. A photograph cannot be closed “under the list”, only the profile is private;
  • lack of a full site for uploading photos. This cuts off the part of the audience that would not mind sharing pictures, but cannot upload them via mobile;
  • inability to download photos. More precisely, there is an opportunity, but only using third-party services that you will have to give access to your account;
  • technical support. However, on almost all sites it is far from ideal.

From the outside, the cons may seem serious, but you forget them quickly when you start using the wide capabilities of the program.

Generation of Instagram

Those who are not used to social networks feel apprehension when they recognize the fact that some are starting to add literally everything to Instagram. In fact, there are users who can be called overly active. So much so that sometimes it comes to dependence on social networks. This is due to the work of hormones.

Each achievement of a person is accompanied by the development of certain substances responsible for the state of happiness. Uploading photos to the network and gaining approval from other users is seen by our brain as an achievement. And it does not require much effort. This is used by people who are deprived of innate talents: getting “likes” on Instagram they become happier, but in reality, they are deprived of special achievements.

So it begins to seem that online communication is more interesting and rich than real. But this is hardly a serious threat. It is enough to understand the mechanism of “addiction” to be able to regulate your communication on the Internet. If you treat Instagram as a pleasant addition, a window to other countries, it will bring positive emotions and only improve your life.

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