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What Are Some Low Budget Traveling Tips for Fiji?

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Fiji is a collection of volcanic islands, which spreads across 1,600 kilometers in the South Pacific Ocean. But, there are two main islands in Fiji, called Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Whether you are looking for privacy or want to do more water activities,  you are sure to find a secluded spot somewhere in the country. A vacation to Fiji is not so expensive.

There are luxury island resorts fiji, but there are also budget guesthouses, which provide extensive services to their customers. Such inexpensive accommodation and food all are combined with Pacific flights. These will make the island an affordable and easy place to visit. Do you want the best place to stay in Fiji? Or are you looking for some affordable prices to enjoy the vacation? Here are some tips that will help you to create low budget traveling. Let’s have a look at the following.

Low Budget Traveling Tips to Fiji

Think About Cheap Flights to Fiji

If you are thinking of going to Fiji, then you should not wait until the last minute to book any flight. Some last-minute deals can be found to be much expensive. On a tight budget, you should not try to visit as many islands as you can by purchasing an island-hopping adventure. Fiji is beautiful and can get the real Fijian experience. You can get extremely excited over simple pleasures. 

Affordable Fiji Vacation

The cheapest way to visit Fiji is to book a stopover flight from a reliable travel agency. But, if you are not planning on doing that, then you should think about it while in Australia as it is less expensive from there. With the availability of numerous local airports and one international airport in Nadi, you can book your ticket to Nadi first. But, there is another issue that low-cost airlines can cause delays or simply wanting to reschedule. 

Where to Stay

Fiji is featured with more than 20 islands, which is divided into two regions – Mamanuca and Yasawa. It is not necessary to see all the islands. Staying a few nights on one of the many small islands around Fiji is easy if you are traveling Fiji on a budget. The hotels on the main islands can be a little expensive because of the isolated location, food, and drink prices.

Many of the hotels available on the islands allow you to buy a food package at a minimal cost. Do not forget to look into a food package before booking accommodation. The hotel packages in Fiji are available at all affordable prices. So, if you want to stay on the main island in Fiji, then you will have access to local restaurants and grocery stores.

Take Local Transport

Taxis are pricey in Fiji. So, calculate your budget, including local transport in order to make reliable transportation. The official taxis are a little bit cheaper and their fares are negotiated with the actual price. But, they are still costly as compared to other local transport. The local buses cost only a couple of dollars and go all around the island. So, you visit around through these services. In addition, you will get all these services from the airport to Pacific Harbour. So, local buses are safe and the best option for traveling around Fiji on a Budget.

Take Advantage of Grocery Stores

Buying snacks, water, and alcohol from the local grocery stores will save you a ton of budget. Hotels and small grocery stores in the tourist area overcharge for these items.  In addition, if your hotel is equipped with a kettle and a refrigerator, then you can buy some fruit and other food items that are easy to make. In addition, you can also buy some fresh fruit from the markets that made a perfect snack. Instant noodle cups are also a good idea.

Bottom Line

While planning to visit Fiji, it is recommended to choose a popular website for booking the trip. Many reliable and experienced travel agencies are offering amazing deals and discounts on packages. These packages are indulged with food, accommodation, and flights. So, choose the reliable ones. It is definitely worth checking out if you want to book excursions. So, prepare yourself properly and make the right choices while traveling to Fiji on a Budget and making a fantastic time.

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