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Weird Slots Trivia – 5 Interesting Facts About Slots!

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Try to find a casino online without slots, impossible! Everyone seems to know since birth how to play these games and no self-respecting online casino would be without them. Here are 5 things you might not know about slots…

1. Slots used to be called one-armed bandits

Slot machines were originally called one-armed bandits. That’s because they were operated with a lever at the side of the machine. This looked like one arm. Considering that most slots online win the casino more money than what each individual player ever will get, the name bandit still seems quite appropriate.

2. Strange behavior in the casino

You might have read about people who urinate in their seats in the casino by the slot machine. They are so caught up in the gambling that they can’t even tear themselves away to visit a bathroom. There have also been reports of high rollers asking for a fridge of bananas to squeeze and throw during games. Or throwing chairs or just plain urinating against a wall in the casino. Slots and casino games seem to have the power to make people behave in strange ways…

3. Using the same coin again with a string

Trying to cheat on casino slots is nothing new. In land-based casinos, people have tried many interesting things to get more money out of the machine. One way is called the Yo-Yo-method. The cheater takes a string and wraps it around a coin to fish it out and use it over and over for more games.

4. The record win used to stand at $65 000

Between 1973 and 2001, the record win on slots was $65 000. In 2001 a player won 1 million dollars and even that was nothing compared to slot wins in later days. Today you would have to win many millions on one round to break the record.

The online casinos have given many players better access to progressive games. This has lead to greater jackpots and thereby much bigger sums once a lucky player gets the right combination on the reels.

5. You feel like a winner when you lose

Slots use winning sounds to make you feel as if you are winning when you are losing and it works! Studies have shown that players that hear coins and happy cheering sounds think that they win more than what they do.

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