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Ween – Raising the Bar on Smart Home Technology




Last month Ween was named a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree for its Life Responsive thermostat.  It is the first smart-home solution to be based on the user’s physical location. It reacts in real-time to your life. It truly frees the user from having to worry about the mechanics of smart home management.

Ween is a European start-up based in Aix-en-Provence south, France. They were founded in July 2014 by Jean-Laurent Schaub and Nathanaël Munier.

Jean-Laurent Schaub, CEO, said: “We are honored that this independent panel of experts has recognized Ween for its cutting-edge technology and gorgeous design. Ween allows people to go about their everyday lives and does the heavy-lifting for them.”

Life Responsive Technology

WeenThis device detects your presence and understands your schedule. It integrates your movements and location via your smartphone. The Life Responsive smart thermostat is the first application the company has developed based on its proprietary technology.

Paired with your smartphone, Ween raises or lowers the temperature in your home based on your comings and goings. It models your home’s energy profile, like how fast the house cools down and how fast it heats up based on outside weather conditions and the current forecast.  It does this on its own.

Real-time, Real Smart

Other smart thermostats focus on your weekly schedule, ignoring many of your absences. Ween’s patented algorithm takes into account 100% of your absences automatically, including  those many unplanned absences. This means that every time you step outside the door, you save energy and money. Ween claimed twice the savings compared with a learning thermostat.

According to Ween, 74% of the population what people want from a smart home—is for it to do it for me and do it better!  Life Responsive is for anyone who wants all the benefits, without the hassles. Eco-friendly made easy and carefree!

Compatible with all heating systems including electric. You just need to replace your wall-mounted thermostat with their connector. You plug in the device and indicate your ideal temperature when you are at home, then synchronize with your smartphone app. That’s it!

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