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Wedding gifts for tech-savvy couples, Bluetooth Eye Mask, tech-savvy gifts, Smart Water Bottle, Charging Stand

When your friends get hitched, you cannot help but think of ways to celebrate this union. You ask for tips from loved ones, spend hours on the internet, and window shop for some options. In some cases, you may try and get suggestions from your friends. Some people will straight out ask the soon to be newly-weds what they need for their new home. Getting wedding gifts for friends does not have to be a hard task, though. All you need to do is to understand what matters most to them. Below are some of the best options for tech-savvy couples:

A Digital Camera

In this age, people love taking photos and videos of almost anything. A cat will pass by, and someone will have their phone out, ready to capture the moment. In this light, having a digital camera would work great. The newlyweds can take hundreds of pictures on their honeymoon without relying on their computers. They can later edit the photos and share them on social media as they please. It is a convenience that they would greatly appreciate. You can learn more at

A Charging Stand

People love lying in bed or lounging on the couch all day when they are away from work. But the thing that gets them up is the need to charge their devices. It can be an inconvenience if you have to adjust your sitting position to charge your phone. As the newly-weds transition to their honeymoon phase, it would help if they could stay in bed all day. And with a charging stand, they can follow their favorite shows and chat while enjoying breakfast in bed. This stand will also come in handy once they have youngins who need their full attention.

A Smart Water Bottle

People always acknowledge how important it is to drink water, but not many follow up on the same. It could be that your work schedule is very tight, and you barely have time to sip on some water. Maybe you get carried away by chores that you end up drinking a glass or two all day. In this case, a smart water bottle would help a lot. It gauges how much water one has drunk in a given period. When you need more water, the accompanying app reminds you of this. Getting two such bottles for the newly-weds would enable them to get started on a healthy journey.

A Dewplanter

Often, when people get married, they receive plants as gifts. It follows the thought that you should care for your marriage as you would the plant. However, taking care of a plant is not as easy as it looks. You could leave for a week only to find that the plant withered. Some people have even killed cacti! Well, with a dewplanter, withering should not be a concern. The planter converts humidity in the air into water. As such, your plant will remain hydrated, and you will come home to a healthy plant. Tech lovers will appreciate this a great deal.

A Bluetooth Eye Mask

Sometimes, you need to drown out the loud noises and sink into a deep and relaxing sleep. However, it is not always possible. You could be on a long and noisy flight, at a busy office, or in a loud neighborhood. In such cases, this Bluetooth mask would be an ideal gadget. It drowns out unnecessary noise and allows you to catch some shuteye wherever you are. 

A Splitter

How frustrating is it when you want to listen to music, and your phone is on low charge? Often, people have to make a choice. They can either listen to music till the battery dies or charge the phone first. Well, with a splitter, you do not have to decide on this. It allows you to do both things at once. How cool is that! iPhone lovers can appreciate this a lot.

As is the case with all gifts, it is the thought that counts. All the best!

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