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Ways To Stop Cyberbullying In Modern Times

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According to BroadbandSearch cyber bullying statistics, cyberbullying is on the increase and something has to be done to curb it. It has evolved from the olden days when there were after school fist fighting or having to shake down someone for lunch money. It has kept up with the times and moved to text, emails, and social media. And while you might be having an idea of how much damage it is causing, statistics show that it is a dangerous and widespread problem.

To Shut Down Online Attackers, You Can Do The Following:

  • Tell someone: According to research carried out by Broadbandsearch, only one out of the 10 victims of cyberbullying tell a trustworthy person about bullying online. Most teenagers agree that cyberbullying has become a serious problem. The lack of communication is due to fear or embarrassment.

Children tend to worry that when they confide in an adult, the harassment might be made worse once the person bullying them finds out. Or that the teachers or parents will be helpless in stopping the bullying.

It is important that, when it happens, you have to reach out if you think that your kids are being bullied online. You can look for ways that are practical to deal with it including involving the administrators of the school or a social media site that deals with such.

Keep Everything

  • In case your child is a victim of online bullying, ensure that you keep all the messages and posts from the bully by taking screenshots or photos using your smartphone. You have to also record the date and time that the incidence happened.

You Don’t Have To Engage:

  • In order to combat online bullying, a mixture of avoidance and acknowledgment should be applied. The one who is being attacked should be willing to report the problem to teachers, family members, or friends. Or you can as well ignore the bullying instead of responding to it. The goal of the bully is to make the victim be angry. The best option would be to block the bully from the social media and the email accounts which they are using to send the texts.

Learn More

  • It is important for parents to learn everything in regard to what the children are doing on the smartphones and the internet as a whole. There is a misconception that, when it comes to bullying, the girls are the victims and the boys are the aggressors.

But the truth is that girls have also the potential to be the aggressors and the boys to be the victims. While boys have a higher likelihood of threatening, girls normally focus on the emotional abuse which is designed to affect the self-esteem of the victim which in the process, can be more damaging.

Understand the scope

  • Most people tend to believe that, bullying behavior mostly happens on social media, which to some extent, is true. With so many teenagers using smartphones, there are chances of being attacked online. It can also happen on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook.

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