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Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

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YouTube is one of the largest platforms globally, with about 95% of the world population using it and its availability in 76 different languages makes it, even more, user-friendly. We all know a lot of famous people who are popular only because of platforms like YouTube. Also known as YouTubers, they have a heavy fan following and income as well. And who pays them? YouTube obviously.

The ad companies pay YouTube to advertise their products and YouTube, in turn, pays the Youtubers to advertise those products before or during their videos. A lot of YouTubers have become popular (and rich) nowadays due to their amazing content. But is content the only thing that makes a YouTube channel grow?  Here are some ways you could grow your YouTube channel if you have one or you’re planning to start one:


Uploading videos regularly could help you retain your subscribers. If you make one good video and do not upload anything for a month, the audience won’t stick to your channel. Consistency is the key. Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, a digital marketing blogger, says that uploading more than once a week will get you more positive results on your YouTube channel, especially if you are a newbie and trying to attract viewers. Also, try to keep a regular schedule when you upload something on your channel. This way people will know when they will find your content. You can offer them a free youtube downloader so your content will be available to them offline as well.


Keeping your content uniform will help your YouTube channel grow. People will know what kind of content they will find on your channel and hence will visit regularly. Start your channel keeping a topic in mind that you can work on for a long time. For example, if you want to work on product reviews, make sure you can do it for a long time. Only then people will believe your reviews and anytime they need a review of a certain product, they will visit your channel.


Less Is More

Your YouTube videos must not be too lengthy. Try to make it as short as possible. People will generally choose the shorter video if they are ever confused between any two. A 3-4 minute video will generally get more clicks than a lengthy 20-22 minutes video. Also, your title must be 50 characters or less. Any title longer than 50 characters will get cut off thus decreasing the chances of getting clicks from YouTube search.

Promoting on other social media

One of the advantages of having various social media platforms is that you can cross promote. Promoting your videos on other social media will help your videos reach a larger audience.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc can help you build up the audience you need. You can also post a part of the video in the native video uploader of the social media you are uploading it to. This will make people curious about your video and your youtube videos will get more clicks.

Face Your Audience

If you run the youtube channel yourself or with a small group a people, adding your face to the video can actually make the audience relate to the videos and connect to you as an individual. This is especially important for fitness coaches, bloggers, and people who handle business single-handedly. You don’t need to include your face in every video but try to connect personally to the audience every few videos or so.

Groom Your Channel

Visually appealing channels are always preferred over non-appealing ones. Try to get your channel branded to get more recognition. If you have good content but still don’t get recognized enough, branding is for you.  When you brand your channel, the youtube visitors will take your content more seriously and subscribe more readily. Also, users will immediately recognize your content if you brand your channel.


Try To Gain Subscribers

One way to make sure that viewers are engaged with your content is when they subscribe to your YouTube channel. Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel in each video you upload and keep engaged with your existing subscribers so that you don’t lose them. Not asking your viewers to subscribe may result in missing out many potential subscribers. Never buy subscribers. Buying subscribers may sound like the easy way, but it will affect your authenticity in the long run.

Make Your Thumbnail Attractive

Trying to attract the audience by making your thumbnail attractive may sound like a small step, but it makes a major difference. Youtube advertises other youtube videos in its sidebar. Having a creative thumbnail that stands out among the other videos will urge the viewer to click on it. The same applies to the YouTube search. Videos with catchy thumbnails rank higher in the search list even if the content is not that good because of higher CTR (Click Through Rate).  A good content backed up by a great thumbnail is what makes a youtube video successful. Check out, Thumbnail Creator.

Introduce Your video

Include an introduction to all your videos. It could include what your video is going to be about and so on, but it should capture the interest of the audience. It should not be too long or the audience might lose interest. Try to keep it short, attractive and informative while also reminding the viewers to subscribe to your channel.




Using relevant keywords in the title is really important. See if your content is what the viewers are looking for. Use keywords related to your content in the title so that when someone runs a YouTube or google search on it, the chances of finding your content increases.

These are some ways to promote your youtube channel. Remember, the most important thing at the end of the day is your content. So try to invest some time in making good content because nothing can replace good content. It will take a lot of your time and energy and also requires creativity. Start a youtube channel only when you think you are ready for this level of dedication.  Making good content is up to you. Other than that, you can follow the steps above to make your hard work really pay off.

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