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Ways To Get US Visa For Individuals With Extraordinary Abilities 

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There are various reasons why we are applying for Visa, Common nonimmigrant applications for a visa are tourist, business, and work. Applications require tons of supporting documents to get approved. Also, the appointment interview is a more in-depth communication between the applicant and a diplomatic office representative.  

Here is the list of different Visas for individuals with extraordinary activities. The following categories will tell you where you would fit.  

 Visa Classification  

These type of visas are for those who have extraordinary achievement in motion picture and television production, and their essential support personnel. Ashoori law provides ideal information about O-Visa and P-Visa categories, and this is for people with extraordinary abilities. Application for Visa may be tedious, but the process has been improved over the past few years. Processes are also simplified for people who are looking refuge in the United States.  

The O-1 Visa Category 

The O1 Visa is also known as the nonimmigrant visa given to individuals who are considered to possess extraordinary abilities in the fields of sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. People who have demonstrated records of extraordinary achievements in the field of motion pictures or the television industry and if they  

The O-2 Visa Category

There are provisions for Aliens who would want to accompany the O-1 visa holder. Those individuals who are not part of the performance may apply for O-2. Provisions also indicate those individuals who have experience which is not available in a US location.  

The O-3 Visa Category

This allows children and spouses that are “unmarried, and under 21” of an immigrant if he has  O-1 or  0-2 visa. Both O-3, O-2, and O-1 have the right to stay. Also, they can spend time in the US with the same period of stay in the United States for three years at a considered stretch, and this is with infinite extensions. However, O-3 cardholders are not allowed to work or be employed while in the US.  

The P-1 Visa Category

The P-1 Visa provides admissions into the United States of individual athletes. Entertainers, artists, and essential support personnel are also considered. An athlete who is internationally-recognized personality or has been participating in the event of international standing can be considered under this category. 

The P-2 Visa Category

The P-2 Visa provides admissions into the United States, either an individual or group.

Artists and entertainers are involved in a reciprocal exchange program or organizations in the United States. Applicants that are considered under this category must be able to provide proof of their foreign residency, which they do not have any intentions of abandoning. 

There would be times that under this category, confusion about the headcount of a group or the people looking to getting their papers done can be a hassle. That is why it would be better if someone from the consulate or embassy assist applicants for this category type. 

The P-3 Visa Category

The P-3 visa classification provides admission for an individual or group of entertainers.

This is under a culturally unique program to perform, teach, or coach. The program that an applicant under this category should not be part of any performance that is considered commercial or non-commercial. 

Regardless of the Classification of Visa, applying for planning can smooth the visa application process for you. It is better to seek assistance if you are not sure what to fil and all requirements to include by contacting a US Embassy in your country Also, it’s better to prepare all the necessary requirements first and funds to avoid the hassle that it may cause.

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