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Ways Healthcare Professionals Can Use Twitter to Their Advantage

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Communication is an integral part of healthcare. If you work in this industry, you communicate with your patients, the community, and your colleagues each day. You write reports and care plans and relay changes in the patient’s condition through verbal communication. This type of connection is critical to your role, but could social media platforms such as Twitter be the missing link in your career path?

Twitter isn’t just an app, it is an opportunity for conversation that healthcare professionals need to be involved in each day. With more than 300 million monthly active Twitter users and 500 million daily tweets, can you really take the chance of missing out on a critical conversation with your colleagues?

You might be thinking that Twitter is more for the Justin Biebers and Khloe Kardashians of the world than for doctors and nurses. However, there are numerous ways to use Twitter for health and wellness. You can receive drug safety alerts from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), learn about the latest weight management techniques, or get up-to-date alerts about disasters happening around the world. Not only can you use Twitter to stay abreast of the latest healthcare information, but you can also use it to connect with industry and thought leaders, create your own brand, or follow top trends.

Here are a few strategies for using Twitter to advance your career.

Increase Your Engagement

All professionals in the healthcare industry need to network with others. Nurses want to communicate with other nurses, but they might also want to know what’s happening in the world of healthcare technology, cutting-edge research, or the newest legislation about safe staffing ratios. Other professionals, such as therapists, doctors, and counselors have similar needs. Twitter can help you connect with industry leaders to keep you up-to-date with the latest information.

You can connect with leaders at top organizations and government branches like the FDA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the Mayo Clinic. You can also follow top healthcare leaders to learn more about their specialty and how they are improving the healthcare community. A few top healthcare twitter accounts to follow include:

  • Donna Cardillo: You can find Donna on the Twitter handle @DonnaCardilloRN. She is known as the “inspiration nurse,” has written a few books, and will tweet about nursing articles, resources, and how to stay engaged as a healthcare professional.
  • Tim Aungst: If you’re looking for a pharmacist to follow who has great insights, will tell it like it is, and one who is passionate about mobile health — give @TDAungst a follow.
  • Dr. Karen Litzy: Not only is Karen a physical therapist, but she is also the host of the Healthy and Smart podcast. She helps her patients overcome painful conditions and connects with other physical therapy experts to inspire you to take your life and career to the next level. Connect with Karen on Twitter @karenlitzyNYC.

Create Your Own Brand

Each of the Twitter accounts above has one thing in common – they are part of the person’s brand. From the background image to the bio, these Twitter users show who they are and how they intend to help others. Your unique brand includes your credentials, experience, and mission for your career and life. Creating a Twitter account can do the same for you. You can create your own interactive marketing plan just by having an account that aligns with who you are and what you do.

If you’re a healthcare professional with a side hustle or you’re passionate about your specialty, you can use Twitter to promote your own personal mission statement. You can educate others, promote awareness, and offer insights about health and wellness that most people may not understand.

Promote Your Blog

Many healthcare workers have their own blogs these days. You might blog to increase the visibility of your practice or help other professionals by offering education and coaching. Twitter is an excellent way to promote your content. Create fun images, add hashtags, and write a short, user-friendly intro that tells your followers about your content.

Follow Top Trends

If you’re looking for top healthcare content on Twitter, you need to learn how to find top trending #hashtags. By searching for hashtags, you can see content about your specific question or specialty and discover new accounts that align with your personal mission. A few of the best healthcare hashtags you should follow include:

  • #health
  • #medicine
  • #healthylifestyle
  • #wellness

Attract New Clients

Social media is taking healthcare by storm. Patients are using social media sites to find the latest health and wellness information, locate providers, and search for new medications and treatment. But, did you know that you can attract new customers with Twitter? Physicians and other providers are learning that patients are savvy and will search for the type of provider they need on social media sites. This means that if you have a practice or other business, you need to be on Twitter, too. You can brand your Twitter profile to match your logo, create a call-to-action for future consumers, and share content that keeps them coming back.

Creating Your Success

If you don’t have a Twitter account or you haven’t been on yours for months, you need to take a look and update your profile. Creating a Twitter handle is fun and only takes a few minutes. You can connect your website, Facebook page, and even add in your bio. Choose a great image of yourself to give your account an identity, just be sure it’s relevant to your personal brand. Once you have your account, use these strategies to find success for your career on Twitter.

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