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Waterproof Backpacks: How Technology Changed Modern Essentials

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Technological Advancements

Technological advancements have left their traces on every aspect of our lives, modern essentials remain no exception to that. It seems unbelievable that only some decades ago people used pagers to communicate and there was nothing like Facetime or smartphones. Life was outdoors and social media did not exist.

Meanwhile, novel ideas of manufacturing same conventional everyday products became rampant in the market. From electric head massages and technologically driven beauty treatments to waterproof backpacks and incredible kitchen appliances, product innovation is now in absolute vogue. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we can now drive a car without having to look at the road, access tools that weren’t imaginable just some years ago and connect with our friends residing in the other end of Earth in milliseconds.

Although students still had to mug up complex trigonometry formulae like back in the 90s, a lot has changed in terms of technology around them. Everyday tools these university students use have evolved drastically through the years.

Waterproof Backpacks

Technology has brought about actual waterproof backpacks that protect your books, electronic devices and many other possessions from utter ruin. Modernized Waterproof Backpacks have amazing benefits and have revolutionized from conventionally styled 90s backpacks:

  • The thick waterproof covering outside backpacks doesn’t let the wetness seep into your laptop section and pockets where you keep the study material. This can especially come in handy on a rainy day when you have nothing but your bicycle to get home, or perhaps when your water bottle suddenly begins leaking.
  • While most 90s backpacks were simple fabric bags that students stuffed tools like calculators, hard drives, cassette players, stationery and bulky books in, they have changed to have integrated academic tools, lighter capacity, waterproofing features, and wider straps.
  • Heading out for an outing becomes way easier with a waterproof backpack, who wants to constantly worry about the weather conditions anyway?
  • Modern waterproof backpacks also have secure zippers for you to store credit cards and other important cards in. Backpacks today are highly organized and let you access things inside them quickly.
  • Hot day and cold water bottle in your backpack? Not a worry, a waterproofed surface of your backpack will automatically absorb the unnecessary moisture. You won’t feel that condensed water dripping down your arm when your backpack already absorbed it.

Backpacks have certainly evolved in terms of functions and compartments owing to the many benefits of modern technology. The changes aren’t limited to academic tools and can be observed in the entire education sector as well.


Education has got on screen and can now be virtually accessed with flexible study hours, something that college students back in the 90s could only daydream about. Today’s students have a thousand ways to acquire knowledge and entertainment, get tips from this tumblr feed and make those tough assignments and courses way easier for themselves. The tools and features they can access in today’s day and age is an evidence of how far technology has grown.

Indeed, technology has changed the picture of modern essentials to something a lot easier, user-friendly, advanced and convenient than back in the primitive times.

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