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watchOS 4 Brings New Faces And Features

watchOS 4

watchOS 4

watchOS 4 was featured at WWDC 2017. There are new ways to personalize the Apple Watch and watch faces is where this begins.  Prior to watch OS 4, you would choose what information your watch face would show.  This raised the question what if the watch automatically presented you with relevant information important to you when you need it? A new SIRI powered watch face does just that. It displays relevant information automatically like Reminders or Calendar Events. This information varies based on time, location or your routines. Machine learning allows the Siri watch face to learn as it goes through your day learning what you need and when you need it.


The new Kaleidoscope Face provides a moving symmetrical pattern that changes throughout the day. Woody, Jessy, and Buzz Lightyear have their own watch faces now. They include a variety of vignettes that are adorably entertaining when you raise your wrist.


Apple Watch is also about fitness and there have been numerous updates with your health in mind. Activity will send you subtle updates to help keep you on track with achievements and personal goals. Smart coaching will present you with monthly challenges and reward you with fun visuals.  The workout app is more powerful and useful in watchOS 4. Tap and Go and swimming capabilities.  Pool swimming now has auto-sets.  High-intensity workout sessions are now supported.  Easy to do multiple workouts in a single session. Two-way data exchange with gym equipment is supported by most of the gym equipment manufacturers and they will roll out this technology this fall. The Apple Watch will also let you know how much more activity you need to close your rings. 

Music on The Apple Watch

Apple Watch paired with AirPods is a great combination and the Music app on Apple Watch is updated to make the most of these improvements.  Music will sync based on what you like to listen to. Album art is presented and you can scroll through choices with the digital crown.  Multiple playlists are now supported. You can choose a playlist that automatically starts with your workout and skipping left allows you to control the music right on the watch face.


The new dock adds another level of convenience. A new flashlight that you can use as a blinking safety light when outdoors at night. There is a lot more to watchOS and the best news is that watchOS 4 will be available this fall for free and will support ALL Apple Watches.

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