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WatchOS 2: How To Change Default Replies On Apple Watch

WatchOS 2

While releasing watchOS 2, Apple has now included a few features to the Mail app which will now allow you to respond you all your emails via the Apple Watch.  Like responding to text messages from the Apple Watch, you can use oral diction, or send emojis or use a default reply.

Facebook has also updated the Facebook Messenger application for Apple Watch in recent days making it possible for Apple Watch users to read and reply to chats with friends on Facebook.

There are almost 20 or so default replies for the Messages app and 12 custom replies for the Mail app. For Facebook, there are 6 custom replies. If you feel limited by the default options and want to add messages that seem more like something you would actually write, you can customize these default replies.

There are a few steps you must, however, go through before you can create your own default replies. We have, ever so helpfully, given them below. So all you have to do is follow them!

For Messages

  1. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch application. Now go to the My Watch option.
  2. Select Messages from the menu.
  3. Click on Default Replies.
  4. Tap on a default response and type in your own version.

For Mail

  1. On your iPhone device open the Apple Watch’s application and go to the My Watch tab.
  2. Tap Mail from the menu.
  3. Select Default Replies which is under the Mail Settings option.
  4. Select a default reply and create your own!

For Facebook Messenger

  1. On your iPhone open Messenger. Select Settings from the bottom right corner.
  2. Select Apple Watch.
  3. Select on the default reply message and write in your own message.

On the Mail app, you will find that writing a good default response to be challenging. However, you have more than 400 characters to get it right so you won’t have any issues with the drafting. We will most likely see options for default replies on other chatting applications in the near future as more applications are updated for the watchOS 2. Happy writing!

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