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Watch Official Apple Event Video Stream (Live) On October 16th

apple october 16th event invite

Apple has announced that they will be holding an event for long-awaited / to-be-upgraded products on October 16th, and we have now received news that video live streaming will be available!

apple event video stream october 16th event invite

How To Watch Apple Event Video Stream On October 16th

The live stream at the September 9th event was a complete screw up on Apple’s end. The video and audio regularly went out of sync, Chinese translation mixed in, and it was just generally unresponsiveness. Seeing as how Apple takes things seriously, some heads must have rolled! Hopefully this month’s live stream will be better.

While Apple has not officially announced the video stream yet, we know from years of covering Apple events that the Apple event video stream can be watched at the Live’ section on the official website.

Because of the way Apple does things, this video will only work if you use Safari on OS X 10.6 or later, or Mobile Safari on iOS 6 or later.

We will show you how to watch the stream on Windows and Google Chrome tomorrow! Until then, have a look at how we did it the last time on September 9th event.

What To Expect From The October 16th Apple Event Video Stream

The October 16th event’s invite card has the line: “It’s been way too long.”

This clearly means that the event is targeted at announced upgrades to long-overdue products like a new Apple TV, and a faster Mac mini. Of course, keeping in mind the history of upgrades, we strongly expect a new iPad Air, and iPad mini, too.

I will personally be sticking to my current iPad mini with Retina Display. It meets all my demands of a tablet – video-watching, reading, playing the odd game or two – quite well, and will easily do so for the next 3-4 years thanks to the powerful chip and outstanding display.

I do have my eyes on the new Mac mini, though. I am interested in trying out OS X, but since my laptop is working just fine, it doesn’t make financial sense to spend upwards of $1000 on a new computer just for ‘trying out’.

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