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Watch Battery Chart: Everything About Battery Replacement

Watch Battery, watch battery chart, Wrist Watch, nominal voltage, Wristwatches

No matter how trendy, branded and stylish your wristwatch is, sooner or later its battery will go down and you have to replace it. Your watch rarely has two coin or button cells that have a fixed operating lifetime. So, when the cell dies eventually the life of your wrist watches get over, No because you can change the old one with a new battery. However, it is also recommended to use a watch battery chart to know which one fixed well to the watch.

Different watch model uses different labels for the batteries. Some use silver-oxide while others use lithium cell batteries. Hence, it is essential to know what battery type you need. In case you know nothing about them than visiting a jeweler shop. Since different codes are used to define watch batteries so it will be confusing if you know nothing about it. Moreover, depending upon the model only the right combinations of codes will be suitable for your watch.

How To Check The Watch Battery Code?

Watch Battery, watch battery chart, Wrist Watch, nominal voltage, Wristwatches

To check the code, you have to open the watch. Use a screwdriver and take out the back plate of the watch. Take it carefully and remove all the tiny screws using a screwdriver. Now, you will see a small battery. Take it out using the tweezers. Numbers or battery code is engraved on it. Numbers are very small so you will require a magnifying glass to check what is written over the cell.

For example, you will see a code like 6122SAA. Watchmaker’s name and the location of manufacture are also printed over it. Take a watch battery chart and cross-check the number to know which one you need. Now, compare the price and then visit a jeweler and ask for the battery with the original code. This ensures that jewels give you battery from original manufacture and one that fits your watch.

Note: In case the original battery of watch is lost then horologist will help you identify the right battery.

Types Of Button Or Coin Cell For Wristwatches

Aforementioned those different types of cells are used in watch models hence one should know about it. Some batteries operate one time or have a single life while others are rechargeable.

Often, wristwatches have button/coin cell batteries. Such batteries are non-rechargeable means once they die they are of no use. At last, you have to throw and buy a new one. Common ones are silver-oxide and alkaline that differs in chemistry. Watches don’t use zinc-air batteries. Another common battery used in a wristwatch was mercury-oxide. The latest models have no mercury-oxide battery.

Comparing these batteries on the different parameters is essential to know about their performance.

Alkaline Battery

Watch Battery, watch battery chart, Wrist Watch, nominal voltage, Wristwatches

The alkaline battery offers a nominal voltage of 1.5V and 15-17mAh capacity. They are label as LR## or AG ## or LR###. However, wristwatch using such a cell will require early replacement due to high cut-off voltage. The shell life of the watch depends upon the manufacturer. In general, such a cell has 5 years of shell life.

Silver Oxide

Usually, wristwatches have silver oxide cells due to their long shell life than alkaline batteries. 1.55 V is its nominal voltage which is again similar to an alkaline battery. The typical capacity of these batteries is in the range of 25-27mAh. A battery with silver oxide is labeled as SR##, SG##, SR####SW, and SR##SW.

Lithium Button/Coin Cell

These are non-rechargeable batteries with 3V as nominal voltage and 2.0 cut-off voltage. Batteries with manganese-dioxide as a positive electrode offer capacity in the range of 225mAh. The C symbols at the start of label such cell. Those with B symbol are carbon-monofluoride lithium batteries. They have 2.8V nominal voltage and capacity in the range of 190mAh. However, both are interchangeable due to the slight variation in the nominal voltage. However, rechargeable batteries have a capacity lower than CR/BR batteries.

Wristwatch with lithium battery can be replaced with CR#### battery. They have good capacity than others however BR#### is also a good alternative. Battery with BR#### labels is good to use in extreme temperature conditions.

These were the common ones available. So, get the wrist watch battery chart and compare with yours and buy the right one.

Luckily, even you can change it without taking your watch to a store for a replacement. How? Do as the mentioned steps and it’s done.

Get These Essentials

  • A small knife size screwdriver
  • A new battery

Put your watch on a newspaper or any smooth surface to prevent the watch from scratches. First, unscrew all the screws and then use a long-nosed plier to take the cover off. Under the cover, there is a plastic spacer cover. Pull the cover using the tweezers or screwdrivers. Do it carefully as while lifting it you may break the mechanism portion.

The battery is enclosed in the two metal clips and one of them is flexible. By pulling it off, the clip will come out and insert the new battery. Put all the covers back and screw the pins and your watch will start showing time again.

However, it will not work in case you have not fixed the battery correctly. Either the fixing is not done properly or there is a fault in the mechanism due to damage. If done correctly then reset the time of your wristwatch and it will show the correct time.

On the other hand, if you have decided to go for a replacement in the store then they may take advantage like mentioned here.

First, they do it on customer demand and charge high because not everyone serves pedestrian services especially for the watches they don’t sell.

Secondly, high cost because they take their profit as well for replacing the battery and every gasket of the watch.

So, to save some money on this simple adjustment takes the help of video tutorials. However, it’s very simple and anyone can do it provided they have the correct tool for replacing the batteries. Everything that you would need is already mentioned. But, first, get the right battery as per the watch battery chart.

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