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VPNOnly: Force All Traffic & Bandwidth Through iOS VPN Connection


VPNOnly 8 is a newly discovered jailbreak tweak which ensures and forces all app, browser, and system traffic to go through your VPN connection – resulting in greater privacy for the user.


Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are popularly used to go around nation-wide / office-wide censorship blocks. For example, YouTube is regularly blocked in certain developing nations of the world – Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan – so a Virtual Private Network subscription certainly comes in hand. Other useful use cases of a VPN include accessing services like Netflix, Pandora, Spotify,, Hulu Plus etc. which have limited licenses meaning they work in restricted regions around the world.

Another crucial use of VPNs is security and privacy. By using a VPN, you route all traffic and bandwidth from your desktop, laptop, or mobile PC through another server. In doing so, you hide yourself from ad trackers, and any sort of personal data gathering by social networks, e-commerce websites, etc.

Now, almost all popular VPNs have a way to be used on iPhones, and there are specialized VPNs for iPads. However, based on my experience, the connections are actually quite unstable. IPVanish VPN, for example, regularly disconnects, and then connects back. Sure, you can enjoy certain restricted services this way, but this unstable state of affairs does not bode well for privacy since part of your traffic will be visible to your ISP, and any other middle-men as your network request goes back and forth between your device and the server.

With this issue in mind, a developer has come with VPNOnly – a jailbreak tweak which ensures that all traffic and bandwidth used by apps, browsers, and the iOS system go through your VPN service. In case your VPN connection goes down, no traffic will be allowed to pass through at all.

You can adjust the settings so it protects WiFi, 3G, and / or Bluetooth tethering.

VPNOnly works on all jailbroken iOS devices between iOS 4 and 7. For those of you jailbroken on iOS 8, please download ‘VPNOnly 8’ instead.

VPNOnly / VPNOnly 8 is available as a $3 download from Cydia under the default BigBoss repo.

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