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Virtual Tour As A Way to Deliver Visually Sensitive Information 

Virtual Tour

Profitable presentation of your business to the audience is the most important component of the company’s success. It is for this reason that many create photographs, websites, print ads, etc. But in modern conditions, all this may not be enough; it is necessary to compete both in the quality of the services provided and in the form of their presentation. And 3D tours will help to achieve the attention of your target audience.

Show Another Reality

Walking the streets of the city, entering different buildings, and visiting interesting places – all this can be done without leaving your home. Any restaurant or club, conference hall, or hotel can be visited online first. With the help of a virtual tour, you can realistically assess the interior of a cafe or the benefits of a sports complex.

A 3D tour is a virtual world created from a group of spherical panoramas; a distinctive feature of a three-dimensional tour is the ability to move from panorama to panorama, sequentially evaluating all views. The best thing about virtual tours is that they offer additional navigation in space using virtual tour technology, which creates a complete “presence effect.” A user has the possibility of arbitrary movement within the objects, receiving any reference information.

Virtual panoramas from Spotless Agency can be extremely useful when you need to find a modern and non-standard way to advertise your business. All over the world, virtual tours are considered an indispensable means of promoting goods and services. Spherical panoramas are already finding their place in many areas of modern life. One of the most common areas where virtual tours work in the best possible way is the real estate, hotel, and tourism business. This is due to the fact that most visitors have never seen the hotel. So it is easier to attract a client if the latter can visit the hotel and see all its advantages in advance.

A customer does not have to rush about in search of a suitable place to stay or settle at random, relying on other people’s impressions. According to research by Harris Interactive, one of the determining factors when choosing a place to stay or visit is just visual information. Approximately 73% of people choose a place based on information found on the Internet. And 69% of these believe that the visual part is the most important.

More than half of the respondents named 3D spherical panoramas and virtual tours as the key argument when choosing a place to visit or relax. However, 3D tours are no less effective in other areas of business. A virtual walk is useful for demonstrating business centers because you can show office space for rent and conference rooms to future partners in advance. Large shopping centers with the help of such visualization can attract an additional flow of visitors. After all, on the panorama, you can look around in advance among all the shops, and consider the whole range of proposals. Besides that, a virtual tour is also a good way to show a restaurant, bar, or club in all its glory. With the help of such visualization, you can realistically see the interior, select, and book a table.

Ensure a Volumetric Approach

According to independent research, real estate with a virtual tour sells 28% faster and 9% more expensive in the US. When choosing an apartment, house, or office, you have to spend a lot of time driving to the place and seeing everything with your own eyes. The use of virtual tours greatly simplifies the selection process. On the site, a customer gets a complete picture of the object and can get acquainted with real estate options located at a far distance from each other. It is for this reason that progressive real estate agencies have long adopted virtual tours and easily demonstrate their properties in this way.

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Three-dimensional visualization is indispensable when a property compares favorably with other proposals, for example, a non-standard layout of an apartment or a high-quality finish of a room. In addition, there are many reasons why the sale should be done quickly – approved mortgage, alternative deal, falling real estate prices, etc. For such situations, virtual tours also work great.

Key Advantages

The main advantages of 3D tours in the field of sale and rental of real estate are as follows:

  • Visibility and information – A virtual tour is a better way to showcase a property. Virtual tours create the effect of presence, which gives a complete picture of all the features and benefits of an object;
  • Saving time – A real estate agent does not have to spend time on the road, and a potential buyer can get acquainted with the object without leaving home. A virtual tour can be taken at any convenient time from the comfort of your home;
  • Originality and attractiveness – A virtual tour is the most compelling and innovative way to showcase real estate, unlike traditional photography.

Visualization of space, premises, and buildings is a good tool for selling and searching for real estate. Therefore, it is a convenient choice of a tourist route and a hotel, a hall for business events, or a restaurant for an anniversary meeting. The presentation of a hotelier or developer who has such means of promotion in their activities can distinguish an object from a number of similar offers out of competition. Boost your business, stand out from the crowd of competitors by using virtual staging solutions.

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