Hyperloop One Becomes Virgin Hyperloop One

Virgin Hyperloop One

Virgin Hyperloop One

Hyperloop gained a lot of traction a little while ago, with Hyperloop One and Elon Musk both working on their projects.  The news died down after a while. It is once again the talk of the online community after the latest announcement. A partnership between Virgin Group and Hyperloop One.

Richard Branson

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson believes strongly in the success of Hyperloop One. He decided to become an investor, which led to the rebranding of the company to Virgin Hyperloop One. They have made a number of advancements in the field and believe they are very close to tangible results.

“As a train owner, I felt this is something that I want to be able to operate,” Branson said to CNBC. “At the moment our trains are limited to 125 miles an hour… There are consumers, for instance, that would love to go from London to Edinburgh in roughly 45 minutes. And that will be possible [with hyperloop].”

More Details

Few details were provided in the announcement, but the press release did state;

“Our global strategic partnership will focus on passenger and mixed-use cargo service, in addition to the creation of a new passenger division. Virgin will not be the only operator.” It goes to explain, “Even as we [at Hyperloop One] build this partnership [with Virgin Group], the Hyperloop One team will remain in control of all engineering and development, product and system design, business development, and strategy. Now we’re adding the ability to tap into the strength of a company with 53 million customers, excellent management, and a track record for delighting customers in a multitude of industries, especially transportation.”

Hyperloop One also wrote in a blog post,

“The Virgin Group and Hyperloop One will be entering into a global strategic partnership focused on passenger and mixed-use cargo service. As part of the partnership, our company’s name will be changing to Virgin Hyperloop One over the coming months. A partnership with Hyperloop One feels like a natural fit. Virgin has been at the forefront of transportation innovation for more than 20 years. It has entered major markets, competed with giants and won. Virgin’s purpose-driven mission to deliver more sustainable modes of transportation aligns well with Hyperloop One’s radically efficient and clean technology.”

This new partnership will provide a huge morale boost to the company that was already going so well. We may see a breakthrough in the technology in the not so distant future.

Author: -Ali Vaqar. A budding engineer, wanting so much from life and making each day count.

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