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View Source In iPhone, iPad Safari On iOS 8 With This Extension

view source code safari ios 8 iphone ipad extra features

The ability to view a web-page’s source code by clicking on “View Source” is a standard feature on desktop browsers, but mobile browsers like Safari (iOS) have not yet adopted it. People do not normally design or develop websites on their mobile devices, so why would there be a need to view source code for a webpage, right?

Well, I know enthusiast web designers just like seeing other people’s code when they come across nice designs. To that end, you can download View Source for iOS 8; a Safari extension / custom action that allows you to view page source on any webpage you visit.

view source code safari ios 8 iphone ipad extra features

View Source On Mobile Safari For iOS 8 On Any iPhone Or iPad

view source code safari ios 8 custom action iphone ipad

View Source is a simple app. You install it from the link at the bottom. Open up Safari, tap on the Share button, swipe left, tap on More, and enable View Source. Now, you can easily tap on View Source from the Share menu, and peruse the currently open web-page’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code with syntax highlighting.

I tested the extension / custom action on Awais’ personal website. It worked as expected. No hiccups at all.

view source code safari ios 8 iphone ipad

Thankfully, the developer didn’t just leave it at that. View Source allows you to change the theme of the syntax highlighting (plus background color), send the entire code over email, and even copy the code to your clipboard. These are all handy little features that make it a worthwhile purchase for people who enjoy reading code.

Lastly, you can launch the View Source app itself and perform the same function with its built-in browser.

View Source is available for $0.99. It works on all iOS devices running iOS 8.0.

Download View Source for iOS 8 [iTunes App Store Link]

I do occasionally like viewing source codes, so I paid for this extension. It can come handy anytime!

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