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View Google Cache Of Any Web Page From Safari / iOS Share Sheet

google cache from ios share sheet

Fun fact: Google has a close to real-time updated copy of the entire indexable world wide web stored in its cache. Google has its own uses for it, but for the rest of us it is an excellent tool for opening websites that have gone down. We show you how to open web pages using Google Cache from an extension in Safari for iOS’s share sheet.

google cache from ios share sheet


If you have been following recent posts here at Cupertino Times, you can probably guess this has something to do with the recently released Workflow app. In case you missed it, Workflow is a sort of platform for running custom workflows, usually in the form of ‘Action Extensions’ that you can launch from the iOS Share Sheet.

We have discussed how to download YouTube videos to iOS camera roll, perform reverse image searches, and how to convert videos to M4A audio files. In this post, we will show to view Google cache from Safari in a couple of taps.

The steps will be familiar to those of you who have used user-submitted workflows before.

  1. Download Workflow [App Store Link]
  2. Add the View Google Cache workflow [link] to your Workflow app.
  3. Open up Safari, Chrome or any app that executes iOS 8’s Share sheet for URLs / web links.
  4. Tap on Share button when you are on a link or web page that is ‘down’ (i.e. currently unavailable)view google cache from safari chrome action extension
  5. Tap on ‘Run Workflow’
  6. Select View Google Cache

That’s it! This will open the Google-cached copy of the web page you used in Step 3.

We have tested this workflow in Safari as well as Chrome, but of course it will work in any app that executes Share sheets on URLs. Good examples of this includes your RSS reader, Alien Blue, Pocket, etc.

Did you come across any other great Workflows? Let us know about it in the comments section!

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