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VideoSolo Screen Recorder Review – Useful and Unmissable

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I am looking for a useful screen recorder that can record the FaceTime call on Mac. Then I met VideoSolo Screen Recorder. Guess what? It meets all my needs for recording the computer screen! If you are looking for an easy-to-use and multipurpose screen recorder to ease your work, VideoSolo Screen Recorder is your best choice.

  • What Can I Do with A Screen Recorder?

A screen recorder simplifies everyday tasks such as creating software tutorials, showing your skillful gameplay, record online lectures, and onboarding new employees. Generally speaking, a screen recorder enables the user to record the computer screen along with system sound and microphone. So, what makes for a great screen recording program? The following are the points that I care about.

  • A friendly and clean main interface
  • Have the Option to add Webcam window when recording computer screen
  • Simultaneous microphone and system audio recording
  • Various output format and high-quality output
  • Built-in video sharing and basic video editor
  • Often-updated and professional tutorials on its homepage.

Now Let’s move on to see VideoSolo Screen Recorder’s performance on these aspects.

  • Main Interface

For the users who use an application, the first impression is from the main interface. VideoSolo Screen Recorder gives me an excellent first impression. I love it’s clean and clear. There are no disturbing ads or spam links but a comfortable hue. Users can easily know what should choose when recording. Video recorders, audio recorders, and screen capture are its main features.

By the way, the installation of this program is easy and fast.

  • Record Webcam and Computer Screen on Windows and Mac

Nowadays we have needs in recording webcam when having FaceTime call with families, online meetings, or any other. VideoSolo Screen Recorder has the option to superimpose a webcam feed over the screen capture. In “Video Recorder”, you can customize the recording area. There are three modes for users to choose: “Full”, “Fixed region” and “User-define region”. After you’ve decided on the recording region, turn on “Webcam” and adjust its place. VideoSolo Screen Recorder enables users to record Webcam only. Just turn off “DISPLAY1” and then you can record the webcam directly.

After using it several times, I have a verdict on its “Video Recorder”: Fluent and Easy-to-use.

  • Record Audio from System Sound and Microphone

VideoSolo Screen recorder is not just a screen recorder, but a powerful audio recorder. Enter into the second option of the main interface and then go to grab the music you favorite! With this audio recorder, you can record whatever you want. For example, you can use it to record online music on Spotify you cannot download directly. System sound and microphone sound can be recorded simultaneously.

  • Various outputs format and high-quality output

To value a screen recorder, the output format and output quality are important elements. I usually found that many people get troubled by the incompatibility of the videos. Like recording GoToMeeting, you cannot open the recording file on some of your devices because of format compatibility. VideoSolo Screen Recorder solves this problem easily. MP4 and MP3 are both provided in its Windows and Mac version. They are the most compatible formats. It offers WMV, MP4, MOV, F4V, TS, AVI, and Gif for video and WMA, MP3, M4A, and AAC for audio. These popular formats satisfy most of the needs.

For the output quality, it offers lossless, highest, high, middle, low, and lowest. You can choose one of them according to the computer memory. What’s more, you can set the frame rate for your video: 20 fps, 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps, and 60 fps. To record gameplay, you can set 60 fps to make sure there is no lag.

  • Built-in video sharing and basic video editor

VideoSolo Screen Recorder has a basic edit toolbox. You can add a rectangle, circle, line, arrow, text, airbrush when recording. To make your tutorials clearer, you can add some annotations. What’s more, you can clip the extra parts when you finish recording. For me, it’s convenient and I don’t need to download another program to clip and edit. It saves me time.

After recording, you can directly share your work on social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and so on.

  • Capture Snapshot

Besides “Video Recorder” and “Audio Recorder”, you can take snapshots of particular screen areas. Of course, you can edit the picture with the editing toolbox.

  • Final Verdict

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is actually a powerful and unmissable screen recorder. Besides the basic functions I mentioned above, there are other advanced functions like setting recording length, recording preset, setting task schedule, and so on. It makes my work more efficient and easier.

Furthermore, there is a professional technical team and editors. The product page will update the step-by-step tutorials frequently. You can find many advanced functions and tips on its page.

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