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Video Arcades in Australia


Have you heard about the new video arcades in Australia? Arcade-X is now open and ready to entertain customers at Cienna Capital in Tanglin Mall, three minutes from Orchard MRT station. The first-of-its-kind entertainment destination boasts an extensive variety of retro games such as Pacman, Tetris, Mario Kart, and more!

Arcade-X offers a range of video arcade games that are designed to suit all generations. There is also an option where players can combine two units together for a competitive two-player game with their friends or family members.

Arcade X also features a lounge area for lan gaming enthusiasts who would like to test out their skills against each other on the latest PC game releases.

The game selection is extensive, spanning from the golden age of gaming of the 1980s to the latest 3D games. If you’re looking for an immersive arcade experience, we definitely recommend you to stop by Arcade-X located in Unit C2.

Why should you visit Arcade X?

Arcade-X offers a range of video arcade games that are designed to suit all generations.

There is also an option where players can combine two units together for a competitive two player game with their friends or family members.

If you love playing old-school video games, you may consider coming to Arcade X for the nostalgic vibe and enjoy being in a time machine to the 80s and 90s.

Arcade-X is a great place for families and friends to hang out, enjoy good quality food, play video games together, or just simply relax and chat with each other in a very relaxed environment.

Now you may ask, why am I reading this? If I wanted to go to an arcade, i will just go out and find my way there. Indeed, you can go for good old walking. But it’s never as simple as it seems. Are there still arcades open in Singapore? Are they still packed with people every day or are they closed due to the lack of interest? All valid questions indeed. If you do not know, here is a list of arcades that still have this much interest from the community:

– 1 arcade in Singapore that has never closed down. It is located in Yishun and is still gambling.

– The most talkative two arcades were located in JCube and various ones were around G1/G2 MRT station

– This arcade was open for like 20 years sans a few closures and all the usual SG issues (like the closure of an arcade due to copyright)

– There was a popular chain (that had 5 branches) of arcades strictly located at Cineleisure Simpang Bedok, Serangoon, Jurong East, and Ayala Centre only.

– The last arcade that closed down was one in Tampines Mall.

– The only arcade that survived the 90s but was demolished to make way for a new lifestyle MRT station (same as G2) but this time located at Tampines Central and it’s called the Video Game City.

Video Games

However, due to the lack of interest from people visiting arcades, most of them had to close down. It is never a good sign if there is no regular players visiting an arcade due to the diminishing number of arcades around Singapore. Modern video games are slowly taking over arcades. With Singapore having such a high IT literacy rate, Xbox or Playstation will always lure people away from going out for an arcade experience…unless…the idea is good enough.

“I played certain games such as Pac-Man, and the game does have a beautiful nostalgia when you play it for the first time. Being surrounded by people of your own generation playing with you adds to the experience as well.” – Alice Lau

“One of my favorite arcade games was called Time Crisis which involved shooting hostages that ran towards me from a car.” – Nicole Chan

The one place where I stopped by with my kids and friends was at Cienna Capital located at Tanglin Mall, around 3 minute walk from Orchard MRT station, the first-of-its-kind entertainment destination.

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