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Utilize Winter Breaks To Ace In Your Studies With These Easy Hacks

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November is about to end, and the most awaited winter break is knocking at your door. Such an exciting part of the year it is with Christmas and New Year in everyone’s hearts and minds.

This is the time to play in the snow, breathe near the furnace and take a break from your usual lives, but that is no excuse to lose your focus and let your studies fall on the back foot. You want to ace your studies, don’t you? And guess what, you can have all the fun and still stay on top of the next school term. For that, keep reading.

1.     Establish a Schedule

You can call it a routine, a schedule or even a to-do list, but either way, you must have one. A routine is to allocate activities for different hours of the day so that you don’t lose track of time. However, if you put too much of studies or free time or sleeping -it wouldn’t serve your purpose. Thus, it’s always wise to keep a balance of all three. Maybe a little more playtime, since it’s a vacation! 😉

The same routine every day can instill boredom, so schedule different hours on different days. Say, if on Monday you have allocated 3 hours to study, on Tuesday you can have just 30 minutes. My recommendation is don’t make a routine a month in advance, you are more likely to not abide by it. Instead, plan schedules every week with short term goals in mind. Once you have a routine in place, next follows the subject – it’s advisable to switch subjects every 45 minutes or an hour to avoid boredom or burn out.

Another way you can utilize these winter breaks is by hiring a tutor for your weak subjects. I have always been very weak in Algebra 2. And therefore my mom used to hire me an Algebra 2 tutor and it really used to help me out. You too can try the same with sites like Etutorworld.

2.     Turn Down Social Media

I know that this is that time of the year, when you enjoy the snow, reconnect with people and have a lot of time to spare. Don’t worry I am not asking you to unplug from your Facebook feed forever. You can scroll through it in your free time or schedule a time, especially for social media.

But, for the time you have a task to accomplish, you need to block it out to regain your focus and direction. If you think it’s getting very difficult, you can reward yourself 5 minutes SM break every one hour of the task done. 

3.     When Is Your Peak Time?

We all have different biological clocks and prefer working on different hours of the day. The night owls function late at night, while some operate early morning, the others work late afternoons, or and some early evenings. It can be any time of the day but if you are aware of your peak hours, you must know how to utilize it efficiently. Design your schedule surrounding these peak hours. Keep the most critical task for this hour of the day – it will ensure your maximum competence.

If all of this seems overwhelming to you – develop a schedule, identify your peak hours and so much more. My advice is to reach out to experts or tutors who are trained to keep you on track, irrespective of the situation.

4.     Take Yourself Out

Every now and then, it is important to take a break and enjoy it. So, put on your favourite jacket and step out to relish the freezing cold air. Take an evening walk, or plan a dinner with family, or take a stroll around the city bathed in decorations preparing for Christmas.

Winters come around only once a year, you certainly don’t want to miss out on the fun. Plus, this would also help you a great deal in studies as every time you take a break, you can concentrate better and start new topics with enriched focus. Even a 15-minute walk alone in the winter afternoon would do wonders. So, rug up, and get going!

5.     Study In Groups

Well, I am assuming you are not alone in your league; there are your friends too. So, phone a friend and invite them over for group study sessions. This is an effective way to learn for a couple of reasons: There will be discussions, scheduled breaks, and multiple minds brainstorming about the topic, altogether. You can mutually benefit each other with your strengths and weaknesses.

Happy Winters!

How ever, before you kick-start with the above pointers, take a couple of days off as the break starts. It will not give you a sense of vacation which is very important. In the break, let yourself loose and do whatever you want and then get back to the routine refreshed. Remember, when the break ends you need to get back to school and you don’t want to lag behind.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (in advance!)

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