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Useful Tips For Successful Apple Store Genius Bar Appointments

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Making a trip to the Apple Store to get your iOS / OS X problems fixed? Be sure to read these Genius Bar appointment tips before you go for a successful time!

Those of you in Apple’s bigger markets – US, UK, most of Europe, etc. – likely are relatively close to an Apple Store. Apple Stores offer the best experience for buying new Apple hardware, and of course that is exactly where you get your iOS / OS X device woes fixed in case of any problems.

Wearing nice, blue shirts, ‘Apple Geniuses’ strike appointments with you to get your problem fixed. They are trained professionals who are fully capable of fixing your iOS device, based on proper workflows, rules, and regulations.

Genius Bar Appointment Tips from an Apple Store Genius

genius bar

We have come across an resource who has posted insider tips on how to get on the good side of your Apple Store Genius so they can solve your problem faster, and ideally for free. Here are a few of the Genius Bar appointment tips:

  • iOS device not booting up? Press and hold Home button + Lock button for up to 30 seconds. If it works, your problem has likely been fixed.
  • Battery life giving issues? If you are using an iPhone 5, check your serial number to see if it is eligible for a replacement. Otherwise, maintain battery hygiene by:
    • NOT closing apps manually. It is okay, and actually ideal to let iOS manage apps itself
    • Disable Background App Refresh (Settings > General > Background App Refresh)
    • Disable Location Services for apps you do not need (Settings > Privacy > Location Services)
    • Lower screen brightness
  • Apple will likely NOT fix hardware issues if you have taken your phone to a unlicensed person for fixing.
  • Back up your device before the appointment. If Apple Store Genius takes away your iOS device, the data will likely be lost if you don’t back up yourself
  • Remember all your relevant email addresses and passwords for email accounts, iTunes account, iCloud account
  • Disable Find my iPhone / iPad before the appointment.
  • Apple will not deal with your device if it is jailbroken. Restore it from iTunes to remove the jailbreak
  • If you are experienced, consider restoring phone from DFU mode if you have software-related problems. Be sure to backup your data, as this will delete literally everything!
  • Most of all, be nice to the Apple Store Genius! That will help you more than yelling and making a scene

You can find more Genius Bar appointment tips here.

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