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Use WAESendAny To Send Any File On WhatsApp

There is a great tweak available for iOS that lets users send files through WhatsApp. WAESendAny can be used to choose a file from a custom file browser and send it to a recipient through WhatsApp. Users with iOS 8 or above can use WAESendAny. It goes without saying, but I am still saying it, that you need a jailbroken device to get this tweak.


If you don’t have a jailbroken device but want to get one learn here how to jailbreak using a Windows machine (iOS 8.2) and follow this link for instructions on how to jailbreak using a Mac (iOS 8.1.2).

There is apparently no kind of file that you can not send using WAESendAny. The way it works is pretty clever and the developer made sure that we share in the secret knowledge of the inner workings of the tweak and are left in amazement. This is apparent because of their excited and detailed explanation on the tweak’s page about how WAESendAny ‘tricks’ the WhatsApp server.

According to the explanation the server is fooled by the tweak as it compresses whatever file you choose from the custom file browser and add .mp3 as the extension to it. The WhatsApp server will take it to be an MP3 file (a format which you can send or receive via WhatsApp) and forward it to your chosen contact.

The device at the receiving end will get a text message along with the NOT sound file which would contain instructions about how to retrieve the file. The message just tells the receiving party to change the file extension yet again, this time converting it into .zip. Now the file may be unzipped and retrieved at the other end. There is a catch, however, you can only send files which are smaller than 16 MB in size.

WAESendAny is an okay tweak because what it sets out to accomplish is not really something that many users feel a need for. However, an advantage could be that for example if you are using WhatsApp and have WAESendAny on your iOS device you can instantly send a file to the person you are I.M’ing without needing to toggle between apps.

WAESendAny has a single preference option to enable or disable the tweak with. WAESendAny can be gotten through Cydia and it costs $1.99 but to be able to send files larger than 16 MB and up to 1 GB you will need WAEnhancer8 which costs extra.

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