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Use Opera Mini 9 On iOS To Get Around Censored, Blocked Video Websites

opera mini 9 streaming video without buffering

Opera Mini 9 is here. Its chief new feature boosts video streaming performance by compressing them, so you can watch YouTube videos and more without buffering on a slow connection on your iPhone and iPad. It also acts as an excellent, reliable free proxy / VPN.

opera mini 9 data saving

Opera has launched a major update to its Mini browser for iOS. Opera Mini 9 can now compress videos before streaming them to you, meaning you can stream YouTube videos and more without buffering on slow connections without a proxy (in case YouTube is blocked).

I have always had Opera Mini installed on my iPhone and iPad in case I have to browse something on a slow connection. Enabling ‘Opera Turbo’ compresses web-pages on Opera’s servers before delivering them to users. It only saves data on metered connections that we have today (2GB-4GB is the usual monthly 3G plan worldwide), but it also helps get around blocked websites!

Fast Performance On Blocked Video Streaming Websites

Opera Mini has been useful occasionally in the past, but now I expect it to be a regular part of my browsing arsenal because of the new Video Boost feature. Because of this, I can now get around blocked video streaming websites! Many countries have blocked useful websites like YouTube, so now I can reliably access YouTube from my iPhone and iPad anytime I want! Opera Mini 9 saves mobile data in the process too! You can’t lose.

opera mini 9 streaming video without buffering

I was pleasantly surprised by how well Opera Mini 9 has been designed. It looks absolutely stellar compared to the out-of-place UI of earlier versions. Opera Mini 9 looks at home, it looks consistent with the rest of iOS.

The performance was a bit weird at the beginning. I had to first enable Opera Turbo mode from O > Data Savings to get Video Boost and proper page rendering since Opera Mini mode negatively affects web-page rendering.

Opera Mini 9 comes with loads of using other features as well: you can save web-pages for reading offline, and explore popular content on the web with the ‘Discover’ feature!

Download Opera Mini 9 for iPhone, iPad.

We love Opera Mini 9! Do let us know what you think of it!

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