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Use iPhone 6 Touch ID For Website & Apps Username / Password Autofilling

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Enjoying the convenience of using Touch ID to unlock your iPhone and iPad? Here’s how to use Touch ID for autofilling usernames and passwords in third-party apps and Safari / other browsers (upcoming)! Check it out after the jump.

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The introduction of fingerprint-based authentication in the iPhone 5S in the form of Touch ID was widely welcomed by the IT community. It is a genuinely great step forward towards convenient security (a bit of an oxymoron in the computer industry).

Initially, Apple kept Touch ID limited for unlocking the iPhone. Since then, they have expanded it to allow third-party apps to use it to unlock private app content, and used it for Apple Pay. With the iOS 8 jailbreak, the developer community has further expanded on Touch ID to autofill username and password in any third-party app or website in Safari.

The tweak is called TouchIDEverywhere. Currently, it is an ‘open beta’ which in laymen terms means it is ‘incomplete’, and it may be used by anyone at their own risk. As of typing, TouchIDEverywhere allows you to autofill username / password in third-party apps; support for Safari and other browsers is under development.

TouchIDEverywhere is free and open source. Because it is open source, its source code can be analyzed and tested by independent security researchers – which is great for advanced users’ peace of mind. The developer rightly claims that their tweak does not pose any risk to user’s privacy, as your fingerprint information is securely saved on hardware; it is inaccessible to third-party software. This is due more to Apple’s intelligent architecture design for Touch ID, rather than the developer’s own work, though (at least based on my agreeably rudimentary understanding).

In order to install TouchIDEverywhere, you will first need to add a specific developer repo to Cydia. For that, launch Cydia, go to Manage > Sources > Edit > Add, enter the following address:

Tap on Add Source. Cydia will now index the apps and tweaks hosted on the repo. Once it is done, search for TouchIDEverywhere like you search for any other jailbreak tweak to install it.

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