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USB C Dock: A New Industry

USB C Dock

USB C Dock

With the release of the 12 “ MacBooks with that one lonely USB-C port, USB C docks have been showing up from various developers and not too soon.  I’m considering a new Macbook and when I saw that one port, I began looking at all my devices and got a little anxious since I have no intention of retiring my peripherals.

I’m thinking the next round or MacBook upgrades may also go the solo USB-C port route so a dock may be a critical component.

Thankfully a number of developers got on the case and came up with several docks or adapters that will make moving to a new 12” MacBook less painful than first anticipated.

USB C DockSatechi

Satechi has a solution that doesn’t compromise the tiny footprint of the 12 inch MackBook. A new Type-C Hub Adapter sits alongside your Macbook and expands its single USB-C port into three USB-A ports plus it provides slots for SD and microSD cards.  It comes in three colors to match your Macbook and adds very little to the overall footprint of the Macbook.  Priced at $34 makes it an economical solution as well.


OCW has a portable hub solution that comes with 10 ports including 4 USB 3 Type A ports, 1 USB 3 Type C port, An SD card reader, HDMI with support for 4K display, Gigabit Ethernet, Audio in and out ports.  It also comes in three colors to match your 12 inch Macbook and it’s priced at $79.  It comes with an 80 watt power supply so it can charge your MacBook and accessories that are connected to it.

USB C DockThe HydraDock

The HydraDock was a Kickstart project and I don’t know if it met its goal or has a firm release date.  It looks promising with 11ports. It provides a headphone jack, Gigabit ethernet port, SDXC card slot, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI port, four USB 3.0 ports and two USB-C ports. It sits under the MacBook.

USB C Dock


InfiniteUSB has a stackable cable solution that provides either a Lightning, Micro USB or USB socket on the other end.  A five cable combo will be available this month for $99.

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