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While at CES I met two young men from the company Urban626, the developers of the URB-E. URB-E is an electric vehicle that travels up to 15 MPH for 20 miles on a single charge. It requires no license, no registration, or insurance. This is “first and last-mile transportation” says Tom Gilfillan, the Sales Manager.

The battery is a much larger version of what you’d find in Apple’s devices and they come from the same supplier. A 36v lithium-ion battery that fully charges in four hours from any standard electric outlet. It powers an ultra-efficient 250W brushless motor.

What really makes this urban transportation is the fact that it quickly folds up into an easily managed 35 pound carry on, so if you ride it from your home to the train station or bus, just fold it up and get on board. When you arrive at your stop, unfold, mount, and ride the URB-E to your final destination. This is a great way to get around college campuses and large public areas. It even charges your iOS or Android device.

URB-E is a clean energy alternative for short trips. If you’re serious about reducing your carbon footprint, this is a great way to get started. Made with high-quality materials like aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber. The company offers various accessories as well.

This is affordable transportation that can easily be paid for with what you’ll save on gas, oil, tolls, parking, auto insurance, and registration. If you’ve been biking to work, consider how nice it would be not to show up at work all sweaty and out of breath.

Tom was nice enough to do a demo for us on video so check it out.

The URB-E is American Made, designed in Pasadena, and built in California.

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