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Upgrading the Modem-Router Could be the Answer to Bad Internet

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It is almost impossible to live without the internet nowadays, but that does not mean people pay attention to every detail of their internet. The reality is that there are a lot of things that could improve a person’s internet experience, like the modem-router.

What is a Modem-Router?

The modem-router is considered the gateway between a home and the world wide web, yet most people do not know what it is. Some people just think of it as the hardware needed to get the internet working, but it does pay to know a little more about this machine, especially for those who care about getting the very best out of their internet.

A modem-router is also known as the broadband termination unit, and the machine helps convert, decode, and reproduce data transmitted from a home. The efficiency of this transmission helps create a superior internet experience or what could damper the experience, which is why paying close attention to this device matters. No one should research the best-unlimited internet plans only to realize that he or she is not getting the best because there is an inferior router in the house.

Why Choosing the Right Modem Matters?

The modem helps transmit streaming services like Netflix without a hitch and helps ensure that all connected devices enjoy considerable speeds, yet internet providers do not always offer the best modems to their customers. The modems that some internet providers offer are subpar, especially if the customer is not signing a long-term contract.

Internet providers offer rudimentary modems with the bare minimum capabilities because these modems do not cost much to stock.

Worse of all, these companies can sometimes get away with offering their customers these modems because most people do not know much about them. Australian internet users that care about performance and want to receive the advertised speeds should definitely consider purchasing a modem-router separately or at least research the model offered by the internet provider before making a choice.

How Can Home Network Change With the Right Router?

There is no doubt that top of the line modem routers can end up costing a pretty hefty amount. This means those considering purchasing one of these models need to have a good reason to do so.

An internet user that isn’t going to be doing more than a little research online or reading emails may not need this upgrade. Of course, internet users who are going to be streaming all day should definitely think about upgrading.

The following are some things a new modem can do:

Internet Speeds

The speed a person receives depends on the plan purchased. The modem will ensure that the speeds promised by the internet provider is delivered, which is usually impossible with subpar modems.

Better Wi-Fi

Wi-fi speeds can be drastically altered with a subpar modem. Almost all smart devices, including smartphones and tablets, depend on wi-fi connections, so make sure this part of your home network is working well. Before making the purchase, it might be a good idea to ensure that the wi-fi speeds will not be negatively affected by a subpar modem.

Testing wi-fi speed is pretty easy since all the user needs to do is run an internet speed test via Ethernet cable and one using the wi-fi. If the wi-fi speed is slower than the Ethernet-based speed, a new modem will definitely make things better.

Considering NBN-Compatibility

There are a number of great modem-routers out there that are still ADSL-compatible, but these traditional routers will be going out of style soon.

Australia is still rolling out its NBN system, which needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing a modem-router. Ensuring compatibility is a way to ensure that the modem purchased can last a long time even after the NBN system is put in place. It would be a shame to purchase a great modem and find out it is obsolete after a short period of time.

It is easy to see why the right modem-router could make a difference in internet experience. Internet users, especially those who use the internet heavily, should really take some of these points into consideration.

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