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Updates While You Snooze For iOS 9

iOS 9

If you are an iPhone or iPad user on iOS 9 you will be able to schedule updates during the time you sleep, so that there will be no more need to sit around as the device gets up to speed with the newest amazing is that?

Apple unveiled the next version of the iPhone and iPad’s software, iOS 9, during its WWDC opening keynote. Beta builds of the software have been promptly released to developers and the general public through the Public beta program which is expected to have run its course due to the release of the software drawing near.

Apple boasted of the new features that will be accessible through iOS 9 on our iPhones and iPads giving us a taste of what will be available to us in a few short weeks. As usual the big updates to major features such as improved battery life or multitasking prowess get a great deal of attention one feature which could be the most important has been lurking in the shadows.

This update in the new iteration of iOS could potentially allow users to update their software while they sleep, which saves you from the agonizing wait needed to complete the process which often adversely affects your productivity. As the reports show, iOS 9 will alert users at an earlier time to let it install updates overnight (in this case, between 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM) with the user then required to enter their PIN and read through the relevant license agreement before going back to sleep. After all this is complete the device will quietly carry out the relevant processes and users will be greeted with a newly updated device waiting for the user once they wake. We all know that the update process that requires waiting and restarts can be cumbersome and time wasting when you could be doing your work.

Apple’s iOS devices already perform backups to iCloud during the night, and Macs clean up your device while simultaneously backing up your files to Time Machine while you are asleep and it only seems normal for iOS to integrate a similar feature in its software, and with the release of iOS inching ever closer we are anxious to see what else is to come in September.

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