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Upcoming Technological Trends That Will Shape the Future

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From walking to a store to buying your favorite dress with just a click, from talking to customer care executives to talking to chatbots, and from playing music on radios to streaming on an app, technology has changed the way we receive and consume things.

We have heard about emerging technologies like supercomputers, AI machines, and bigdata- many of these will make waves in 2025 and beyond.

Let’s take a leap of faith into technology that will shape our future.

1.    The power of artificial intelligence (AI)

Computers are learning in much the same way that we humans are. This leap in exposing AI to its utmost capabilities is possible because of the surge in data and computing power. It’s the massive explosion in data that has allowed AI to advance quickly over four to five years. This enormous step towards AI means computers can now perform all the tasks primarily, which are performed by the human. Some remarkable examples are- google assistant, Alexa, Cortana, which obeys your commands, performs actions, and in turn, talks back.

AI still has a lot of speculations about its implementation, but it can be said without a doubt that it can undoubtedly transform the IT sector in years to come.

2.    Virtual Reality can’t be eluded

Although VR has been around the corner for some time, the technology is far from becoming a known name. Its applications are turning out to be a massive success across a wide range of industries, including entertainment, healthcare, and education, to name a few. VR combines physical spaces with stimulating environments and transports a user into an imaginary world which looks real, giving them an incredible experience.

3.    IoT and the everyday devices that have become smart

The Internet of things has made our life comfortable and technology-friendly.  IoT,

which involves smartphones, smartwatches, smart TV, is the next big thing. All the intelligent devices contribute to the exponential increase of the data i.e., they always gather and share with other connected devices without human intervention (your smart belt shares data with your phone).

With the emergence of IoT, pretty much everything can become smart. Our TVs, Cars, Refrigerators, security systems have come into existence. The possibilities with IoT are endless, and its usage has just been started. A whitepaper by IHS suggests that there is a possibility of 75 billion connected devices by 2020.      

In this fast-changing world, the emergence of new technological trends is inevitable. It becomes evident that advancement in the field of information technology will shape the future of a nation and its people. It will also result in making people smarter and new products and services coming in.

Wrapping up

Technology is changing at a tremendous pace. If we don’t keep pace with it, we’ll be doomed sooner or later. The trends mentioned above will change the way we see technology and its outcomes.

Author Bio: This is Sharon Winget, Staff Writer with GoodFirms, a review and rating platform of top IT companies & software. A tech geek at heart, I firmly believe technology can transform societies. I enjoy blogging about web design, email marketing, and content marketing.

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