How to Unlock Chrome OS using a PIN Code

Chrome OS PIN code

Unlock Chrome OS using a PIN

Everybody just hates the complicated alphanumeric passwords that are difficult to remember. Everyone will prefer keying a few random numbers to unlock their device. Well, Google has finally heard you. The company is working on a feature that will let users unlock their device with a simple code. This feature work just like debit and credit cards. The user has to key the PIN to his Chrome OS.  This will allow users to avoid complex passwords.

This, however, is not a rumor the news was announced on a Google+ post by a Google employee. Last Friday, François Beaufort an employee from Google France announced that a new feature is being added as a part of the latest Chrome OS update.

François Beaufort also shared the method to set up the functionality into their system. For all of you who want to use the functionality simply follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Unlock Your Device

  1. Permit flag by using the following command : chrome://flags/#quick-unlock-pin
  2. Now Restart your Chrome.
  3.  To set up the PIN for Lock Screen go to settings Page for Chrome Material Design
  4. Go to the new “Screen Lock” option.
  5. Here setup the numeric PIN code of your choice for the Lock Screen.
  6. Next, press Search + L to lock your screen.
  7. Enter the PIN  code to unlock Chrome OS.

This move is being applauded by Chrome OS users. However, a  user pointed out: “This is a good move in the right direction. However, I think that this pin lock feature should be expanded to also include passwords. So the password is not linked to the Google account but a separate password just for the device,”

This functionality will be quite handy for users with touch devices. Moreover, the functionality is more secure than Smart Lock for Android.

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