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Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas She Will Love

Romantic Gift

No matter how long you’ve been together, anniversaries are a special occasion. A day that’s dedicated to celebrating the love you share with your partner, your best friend, your soulmate. Even when you show your love year-round, anniversaries are an occasion to show your love and honor the years that you’ve shared.

Jewelry is always a grand gesture you can gift your partner a set of earrings, a customized resin flower ring, a necklace, a customized gold plated name chain, and more. But sometimes the most memorable gifts are the ones that are personal and unique to the person receiving them. Traditionally, each anniversary has an item that is specifically associated with it, but the most important thing to consider when getting someone a gift is what they would love.

Some ladies love getting new cozy pajamas and a bath set, while other women would rather have an experience rather than items. Either way, you know your wife best. If you’re having a hard time narrowing things down and picking the perfect gift for such a special person, here are some great ideas for your special lady.

Wine Club Subscription

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, a beautiful bouquet and a robust buzz. A subscription to any of the popular wine clubs can not only give your partner some delicious wines to try, but the offerings often go deeper than that. Depending on the club they can often opt to be introduced to new wines that may compliment things they like to eat, or that may be similar to other wines they enjoy. This can broaden their tastes and help them to get even more enjoyment out of wine.


People will always tell you art is a safe investment, but investing in a custom-commissioned art piece of your pet on a canvas is art that she’ll actually care about, and want to display. That’s more than a sound investment, that’s an incredible return over a very short term. If she’s got a pet she adores, this is one of the strongest options.

Adult Games

There are multitudes of games out there designed for couples who want to leave some of their more “spicy” decisions up to the roll of the dice, literally. You can find suggestive dice sets, sexy truth or dare games, hilarious card games, and more online. We won’t go into any of the more salacious offerings, but rest assured, no matter what your personal bedroom risk tolerance is, there’s a game for it.

The Perfect T-Shirt

If your wife likes to show off her personality through her wardrobe, a cool graphic tee would be a neat gift that would bring a smile to her face. Whether she likes shirts with funny phrases, inspirational quotes, or something dedicated to her favorite fandoms, has a wide selection of shirts to choose from.

Many online retailers carry cool prints, but a lot of them are mass-produced and sold in several shops. If you want a t-shirt that’s truly unique and reflective of your lady’s personality, there are websites that allow you to upload your own artwork or photograph and they’ll make a shirt for you. Otherwise, you can commission an artist to make something custom for her.

Margarita Night Kit

Putting together a “girls night out/in” kit for her is always a great way to make sure that she gets a chance to relax, be with friends, and have a few adult beverages. By doing a little preparation, getting all the needed components like Tequila, mezcal, salt, fresh limes, and even fun glasses or straws, you can put together a party-in-a-box. Let your partner know that when they schedule it with their friends, they just need to go out and have fun, and you’ll manage the household and make sure she comes home to a welcoming environment. 

Huge Oversized Comfy Things

Depending on your partner, this could probably be any one of a dozen things, right? She would probably equally love a giant comfy hoodie, or an oversized fleece throw, no matter what occasion they were given on. If your partner still has a soft place for plushies, consider one of the many specialty makers that can get you one of her favorite food items or animals. 

Spa Day Box

This is a gift that can last her for months if built right, and if it includes the right components. Your partner works hard, and a great anniversary gift is treating them to a kit with everything they need to pamper themselves, like facial cleansing masks, a new body wash collection, some bath bombs, lotions, moisturizing agents, the works. They can spend a day, or even just an evening, completely relaxed and pampered, with nothing else to worry about. The mental, as well as physical regeneration, can be incredibly appreciated. 

Adventure Log

There are many places that you can pick up a very affordable, but very cool and often individualized, leather adventure journal. This is often a small handbound artisan book that is bound in leather and used to document all of your adventures together, at home and abroad. Depending on how fancy you want to get, they can have plenty of room for journaling about your time together as well as for adding photos. Some higher-end logs can hold hundreds of photos. 

Something More Conventional

If you want to go with a timeless, classic gift, you can’t go wrong with flowers, especially if you can find a bouquet of her favorite variety. You can also take into account the number of years you’ve been married and get her the flowers that correspond with that year. You may even want to get her some boxed roses that will stay fresh for up to a year, or a bouquet of the same type of flowers that you had at your wedding.

Tickle Her Ivories

If she’s a music fan, or even a fan of music and pop culture in general, getting her some tunes, or merch from uDiscoverMusic’s Official Online Store could be the perfect gift solution. Taste in music is something that is often widely different even within close couples and giving a gift that is so uniquely “her” is a great way to surprise her, especially if your tastes do differ significantly. 


One of the trickiest, but most impressive, gifts to give is always jewelry. On the upside, it’s an incredibly fancy and often high-value gift that is often given specifically to impress someone deeply. This means that if you get it right, her elation can warm your heart like nothing else. On the downside, however, jewelry can often be difficult to pick out for someone else, simply because tastes can vary so widely. Though partners that have been together for some time often know each other’s tastes.

Gourmet Kitchen Gear

Help her take you to flavor town by getting her some top-of-the-line kitchen gear. Find out what gadgets she’s been wanting, what recipe books or collections, what knife or cookware sets she may be pining for. Pick out some dishes together for your anniversary lunch or dinner. This is also a great opportunity to spend time being the assistant to her head chef, and showing her how much you trust her to take the lead with your support. 

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