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UC Browser – The Fastest Browser Ever

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UC Browser

UC Browser is not one the most well-known browsers today, however, is said by many that is one of the fastest web browsers currently available, if not the fastest. In most places, it’s not known but in Asia, it has a reasonable amount of people that have been using it for more than 5 years. We especially like the design and the interface, being easy to use, beautiful and shiny.

Not Many Options

It doesn’t have many options available in the settings but this is actually a good thing since if you are looking for a fast browser you don’t want get too fancy or else it will start working slow, which is the case of most of their competitors. They have more options to work with but the loading times are by default around double that of the UC Browser. Imagine if we start adding extensions and add-ons.

Actually, the interface is so similar to Google Chrome because it’s based on it, and in some older versions your PC might register the program like Google Chrome, so we don’t recommend using both together or else it can give you errors.

One of the coolest features about UC Browser is that you can see the scores of sports matches in almost real time. Also, you can take screenshots from the browser itself without any extension, which is cool as well.

Running In The Background

On the other hand, the fact that the browser keeps running hidden on the background can be annoying, because it will sometimes prompt you with some windows in the bottom left side of the screen at anytime the browser likes to run an advertisement or even supposed to be relevant news which in reality it’s stuff we are not interested in.

Uses Little Resources

UC Browser can definitely be great if you have an old laptop or a very old desktop computer where you have as little as 1 GB of RAM because it has been proven to have good performance even in that short and limited amount of memory. Same goes for processors, any processor from the last 10 years will quickly and smoothly run the UC Browser.

One of the things that we don’t like about the UC Browser is the fact that your privacy is not taken so seriously. In fact, they register all the data from every file you download from the Internet via their browser, In reality, this would be nothing to worry about if you are a standard use. They do not take the time to take into every file but rather take a look at them if they notice inappropriate activities.

Of course and like most browsers out there, it is not missing the Incognito window mode, which serves the purpose of not saving any search history for anyone that uses that same computer. Now, this doesn´t mean your information is anonymous on the Internet, it can be tracked and your real location can be exposed so be aware of that, incognito mode doesn’t make you “invisible”.

You can create an account for free and store your settings in the cloud, specifically your bookmarks.

We have also tested the browser on a tablet and it runs amazing, specifically the possibility of being able to do multiple gestures on it, which means you can use both hands at once introducing multiple inputs at the same time and it will read it properly. This is an amazing feature which we have seen only in very few browsers.

If you have a computer that is more than 5 years old, most likely with Windows 7 installed, we believe this browser should be your choice as it will run without any problems, lags or stops at all.

So if you want to download it specifically for this operating system, you can click here: uc browser download for windows 7


In conclusion, we believe the UC Browser deserves more recognition because of how good it does compare to the average browser. If you are wondering why UC Browser is so fast compared to the other competitors, it’s basically because they use 2 innovative methods, one being the acceleration via the cloud and the other one being data compression technology. All the information first goes through their servers compressing the data of the webpages you are looking for before you can see it displayed.

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