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Types of Metal Detectors: What You Need to Know

Man walking on the beach with a Metal Detector

Metal detectors are a great tool for finding hidden treasures. In the past, people had to spend hours or even days digging around in soil and sand looking for coins, jewelry, and other items that might have been dropped by accident. Nowadays it’s as easy as turning on a metal detector!

This article will give you an overview of the three main types of detectors: personal, industrial, and professional. Each type has its own benefits and limitations. By reading this article, you should have a general understanding of the different types of metal detectors and their uses.

Personal Metal Detectors

Personal metal detectors are used by individuals to find coins, jewelry, and other treasures from a beach or field. They’re lightweight and easy to use! The main benefit of owning a personal metal detector is that it’s easy to take along virtually anywhere. You can also spend as much time as you want on the beach or in your yard digging for treasure. Some detectors have settings that allow them to detect only metallic items, so if the area was used for burying garbage, you won’t be digging up any trash.

Some of the most popular types of personal metal detectors are the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, Fisher F75, and the Garrett ACE 250. They have gained a lot of popularity for their ease of use and reasonable price.

The main benefit of owning a personal metal detector is that it’s easy to take along virtually anywhere. You can also spend as much time as you want on the beach or in your yard digging for treasure.

Industrial Metal Detectors

Industrial metal detectors are used in large areas such as warehouses or ships, where it’s necessary to detect small metallic objects in a huge area. They can also be used at airports, courthouses, embassies, government buildings, and prisons. The main benefit of owning an industrial metal detector is that they allow you to locate metallic items in a large area. They can even detect items as small as pins and needles. Industrial detectors have a lot of power, allowing them to find objects at extreme depths or pinpoint exact locations.

Industrial metal detectors come with many features, such as easy-to-read displays and modern ergonomic designs. Among other things, they can identify and locate metallic objects and pinpoint where they’re located. One of the most popular brands of industrial metal detectors is the Makro Racer.

Professional Metal Detectors

A professional metal detector is usually used by law enforcement officers at crime scenes in order to find any evidence left behind after a break-in or robbery. They may also be used by other official organizations such as the military, CIA, and FBI.

The main benefit of owning a professional metal detector is that they allow you to find items at low depths and pinpoint where exactly they’re located inside a huge area.

Professional detectors can also be used to find hidden weapons and other dangerous objects. Some of the most popular professional metal detectors are the Garrett ATX, XP DEUS, and the Teknetics EuroTek Pro. These detectors have a variety of features that make them very easy to use without compromising quality or performance. For example, they can be easily calibrated and programmed for a variety of settings. They also provide advanced warning systems and have a wide variety of switches for different types of objects.

How to Choose Which Type of Metal Detector is Right For You

A very important thing to consider before choosing your metal detector is what you want to find. For example, gold coins are higher on the feet than worthless metals like aluminum cans so if you were planning on hunting for lost coins, then an all-metal detector will be suitable. However, if it’s just lost treasures or gold nuggets that you’re after, then a more advanced type of metal detector is needed.

Concentric coils are best for coins. They have a wide range of depth, so they will find everything from pennies to nickels to dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars. Some examples are the Garrett AT Pro or the Fisher Gold Bug 2.

Heavy discrimination is good if you’re looking for lots of gold because it can cut out lots of other metals that give false readings. A heavy discrimination model would be the Fisher F75 – which is also one of our most popular pro models for detecting gold nuggets!

Sometimes the manufacturer will offer “gold mode” which can help give better results in certain situations but they’re not always there since sometimes some machines are designed more for hunting down iron objects and other times for recovering treasure. So just think about what you want first before making any decisions or doing any research!

Things to Consider When Buying a Metal Detector

The following are some considerations when shopping for the best metal detector!

Budget – Think about how much money you’re willing to spend on a metal detector. Just consider what your needs are, how often you plan on using it, and for what purpose. If this is going to be a one-time purchase or if you want something that’s more lightweight, then an entry-level model will probably work well for your situation.

Ground balance – Pro models usually have an automatic ground balance which means that it will automatically adjust when you’re in different areas. This can be very beneficial to people who are just starting out since there’s no need to manually change any settings.

Discrimination control – If you plan on hunting historical or architectural sites, then the ability to set the discrimination is important. It will help you avoid wasting time digging up every piece of small scrap metal in the area.

Depth of detection – Some higher-end models can detect objects up to 10 feet below ground level! Many people who are looking for treasures like old coins and jewelry prefer this type of model because it really helps them find their target quickly and without any problems.

Carrying case – Some metal detectors come with a carrying case which makes it easy to store, transport, and ensure that the machine stays in good condition for as long as possible. Professional grade machines are usually made of high-quality materials so it’s likely worth your money to spend a few extra bucks on one since they will last for a long time. It’s also important to consider that the best metal detector is the one you feel most comfortable with and use!

Why you should buy a metal detector today!

A metal detector is a good investment for anyone because it’s low-cost and can offer so many benefits! Hobbyists and professionals alike enjoy using them, and people of all ages can use them. You never know what you’ll be able to find if you simply get out there and look! Metal detectors are also great for educational purposes – they can be used to teach kids about science and math in a fun and exciting way.

There are so many reasons to buy a metal detector! Whether you’re looking for lost treasures, buried objects, or even historical artifacts, using a metal detector can help you find exactly what you want – and potentially make some money along the way! Just remember that it’s important to consider the type of metal detector that will work best for your needs, budget, and preferences. It’s also worth mentioning that it might be a good idea to get an expert or experienced person to show you how to use one.

Not only are metal detectors fun but they’re easy enough for anyone to use! Just think about what you’re looking for, what you want to find, and how much money will be involved. Buying a metal detector can help you get started on an amazing journey that could potentially change your life!

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