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Two Personal Tech Trends That Will Make Life Easier In 2018

Personal Tech Trends

Personal Tech Trends

The tech industry is one of the biggest industries in the world – in fact, there are more tech gadgets on earth now than there are people.

There are lots of different types of tech on the rise, from artificial intelligence to digital reality, but one of the fastest growing industries is still personal assistance technology. Lots of people want products that will make their daily lives easier, including senior citizens, millennials, and parents, so 2018 is already seeing a growing interest in personal tech tools that can make life easier.

Here are two personal tech trends that will make life easier in 2018.

The Rise Of The Smart Home

In the last few years, a range of different tech products has appeared on the market, helping people to make their home “smarter”. From home security tools that make it possible for people to monitor their home when they are out of the house to apps that make it possible for people to switch on lights and lock doors remotely, there are lots of interesting tools – but many of the tools are not fully integrated into one simple system, so it is likely that a few big tech companies will try to create a fully streamlined smart home.

Increased Independence For The Vulnerable

There are lots of vulnerable people in the US, including people with disabilities, seniors and people with mental health problems – and many of these groups are on the rise. In fact, the senior population is now 12 times bigger than it was in 1900, and now people over 65 account for 13% of the US population.

For this reason, there has been a rise in the demand for sophisticated medical alert systems. These systems are a useful piece of technology for vulnerable people who want to be independent. The systems can be installed in someone’s home, and then if the person hurts themselves the device can be used to alert either the emergency services or their chosen caregiver. This gives the person a chance to live independently without causing worry to their family, and there is a range of health systems for seniors to choose from as the US has excellent access to varied new technologies, so it is easy to find a product that is suited to every senior.

These innovative tech tools can make life easier for tens of thousands of people. From making the home more responsive to making it easier for people to live independently, this personal tech can be used to significantly improve the lives of people across the US.

Author: Sally Phillips
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