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Twitter on Safari issues

Twitter on Safari

So if you’re one of those poor people who like to browse Twitter on Safari for Mac you must have run into certain irritating issues when Safari won’t resolve any of the “” links. This leads you to a blank page and even refreshing the page does not always work. This often results in a message that reads “Safari can’t open the page because the server where this page is located is not responding”.

This bug has been in existence for almost 3 months and a number of blogs as well as forum posts have been seen that are complaining about this issue. Even Apple’s own support forums have certain threads on this issue. There have been certain people who have been able to spam the refresh button until the page reloads but this is not a very reliable fix.

We are not sure if this is due to an OS X software update or a Safari Patch. According to an Apple engineer a fix has now been identified. Timothy Hatcher, the Apple engineer in question, has stated in a tweet that the issue “is lower level” than Safari’s Webkit rendering engine.

Let’s hope that the fix arrives soon as until that happens we will have to paste the broken link to another browser or remove the “https” manually from each independent URL. If we use Chrome instead of Safari then due to the resource hogging nature of Chrome’s code will result in a huge drain of your battery. Your device might even be slowed down because of this browser. Any “” links in our Tweetbot’s Mac application that open in the Safari browser always result in error messages. This happens regardless of how many times you reload the web page. Even when you clear the cache of your Safari browser there is no permanent fix to this issue. However, any and all twitter links that don’t use HTTPS are not currently affected by this issue.

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