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Tudor Pelagos: A Robust Diving Watch for Professional Divers

Tudor Pelagos, Diving Watch for Professional Divers, Diving Watch for Professionals, Technical Features of Tudor Pelagos, Luminescent material 

One of the most-recognizable watchmakers across the world never afraid of any challenges when it comes to making an ultimate timepiece to withstand extreme situations, The Tudor always follows its tradition in making optimal quality timepieces each time. As the innovations run in the veins of the brand, every time it surprises the world with a more-innovative and futuristic watch never seen before. The tag” # born_to_dare” reflects the fact that the existence of the company is just to maintain a higher position in making the world’s best timepieces. 

Tudor watches are available for every lifestyle and multi-purposes. The company has also an upper hand in making diving watches that can withstand extreme water pressure. Here’s an award-winning model “Tudor Pelagos” which was introduced as a professional diving watch and became popular within a short time after its launch.

It is also referred to as an ultimatrix in the list of diving watches. This timepiece is a full-featured watch with titanium bezel and available in 3 variations 

  • Pelagos (blue-dial)
  • Pelagos (black dial)
  • Pelagos (black dial) LHD

Technical Features of Tudor Pelagos

It is hard to maintain an extreme level of innovative features within a single module design. Pelagos somehow managed it, a full-package diving watch by the brand. Let’s check out what are the innovative features embedded within this timepiece.


It ensures an extreme level of water resistance so that it can be worn at higher altitudes under-water. It can with-stand 500 meters which are 1640 ft. The case is so much detailed and sealed that a drop of water can’t get inside within the range of resistance level, usually, these timepieces have more ability to withstand water-level than it specifies.

Caliber MT5612:

This timepiece is powered by MT5612, a caliber certified by COSC. It ensures the optimal precision of its mechanism so it keeps its optimum condition even in higher pressure and shocks. It also features a power reserve of up to 70-hours. It is a multi-functional caliber that provides hour, minute and second functions, and also features a date complication at 3 o’clock.

Helium Gas Escape Valve:

In addition to a higher water resistance level, this timepiece also features a helium escape valve at the side of the timepiece — a rare feature found on some of the diving watches also embedded within it. This gas escape valve provides the functionality to the diver to operate at higher depths undersaturation.

Auto-adjustable Buckle:

Pelagos also features an auto-adjustable spring mechanism which is a useful feature for the divers, so the clasp can be auto-adjusted during the diving, while pressure gets higher it contracts and extends at a lower pressure. So, the person wearing it will have comfortable diving experience. The rubber strap is also equipped with an extension system that makes it easy to adjust the watch on your wrist.

Luminescent material 

It represents a full luminescent display. The lumiNova material is covered all over on the numeral’s hour, minute, and second marker even on the bezel. The markers on the bezels are filled with the lumiNova material to increase the level of readability. So, it has a higher rate of legibility even in the dark when deep down in the ocean, so that diver will not get a second to miss in making a dive.

This timepiece is designed to withstand extreme depths not only a single dive but can withstand multiple-dives. It was also seen on many high-profile personalities like Morgan Bourc’his, a professional athlete and master of scuba diving.

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Tudor Pelagos, Diving Watch for Professional Divers, Diving Watch for Professionals, Technical Features of Tudor Pelagos, Luminescent material

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