Tudia Klip – Good Thing, Small Package

Tudia Klip

Tudia Klip

Tudia has managed to put good things into small packages.  Enter the Tudia Klip—cable protection for Apple devices. Tudia decided to do something about an annoying problem that has burned all of us Apple boys and girls at one time or another. Frayed or damaged cables. It is no surprise that Apple cables are expensive but over time they become somewhat fragile.

“After my iPhone died at an extremely important time and I was unable to charge it because of a broken Apple cable, I decided to create the Klip,” said Winson Teh, Founder of Aplars LLC. the distributor of Tudia products. “Most people see their Apple cables start to fray within 6 months of continued use. Because of this, customers have been asking for a solution. The TUDIA Klip is the essential solution to this problem.” 

Tudia has come up with a cleaver way to prevent the inevitable damage your Lightning or older 30 pin Apple device charging cables will experience and look good while doing it.

This is a 2 piece clip made of silicone and polycarbonate that snaps onto all original Apple Lightning and 30-pin charging cables.  It actually reduces the strain on these cables by 80% and protects the Apple charging cables from fraying and breaking, which often happens after just a few months of use. If your cables are already frayed the TUDIA Klip will extend their usefulness and fix an already frayed or damaged cable.  No more cable repairs with tape or, throwing them away prematurely.  Buying new Apple cables is expensive because they are much better quality than the cheaper third-party generic replacement cables.

Measuring only ½” long and weighing a only .08 oz the TUDIA Klip adds very little bulk or weight to the cable and they come in 5 colors – blue, green, pink, gray, and yellow.  There are two  TUDIA Klips per package (one for each end of the cable). To use, simply slide the color silicone base on the cable to the point where it meets the plug and then attach the white polycarbonate clip to lock the Klip into place.

The TUDIA Klip is available now for $7 a pair at Amazon. 

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