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Trust Building as Part of Business

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In our society, it isn’t effortless to trust business or people. A company that people do not trust easily doesn’t make profits. The older generation finds it difficult to believe in e-commerce sites, where they cannot see what they are buying. The art of building trust is an art. So, let us check out the art of building trust on websites, e-commerce sites, online casinos, and credit cards. 

Building Trust on Websites

People launch websites for doing business. Potential customers have their doubts, so let us find out how to find out whether the sites are worthy of trust.

  • The website has to be HTTPS secure.
  • It should have a specific page dedicated to the business team. It should contain photos of all those who are working together to make the site a success. It should also include their names, along with their photos.
  • The business should be advertised on social media.
  • It should show the positive as well as the negative reviews it gets. The more positive reviews a site receives, the more others will trust it. However, the complete absence of negative reviews doesn’t make a website more accessible. It raises doubts because collective human psychology says something cannot satisfy everybody.
  • The website should have a clean design. Also, it should be easy to operate. It may give the site a backdated appearance, but that is preferable to losing customers over an inaccessible website.
  • The website should have a trust seal. However, that is not enough. If a person clicks on the trust seal, it should show “verified”.
  • The business should have a page dedicated to displaying the business contact details of the owners. This “About Us” page reveals that the owners are welcoming anyone who has faced an issue while going through the website. Also, this is a sign of transparency.

Trust On e-Commerce Sites

The younger generation shops across online portals. However, the older generation is more cynical. They often feel that these e-commerce sites are fake. So, let us attempt to put their doubts at rest. The cynics may ask, “How?’ The answer is simple. Let us show a few points as to how the e-commerce sites may build up trust with cynical customers.

  • It is necessary to build up an excellent first impression. The e-commerce sites should be designed in such a way that they look as beautiful in a mobile as on a laptop or desktop. The size of the device on which it is being viewed should not matter.
  • The policies should be easy. A customer may not be satisfied with a particular product which he has bought. If he wants to return it, the return policy should be easy.
  • The e-commerce site needs to be fast. Amazon, for example, has set up a benchmark for speed. If the new e-commerce site is slower than that, it will impact credibility.
  • The products should be photographed from different angles. After that, they will be shown from different angles, so that the customers can have a clear picture of what they are trying to buy. Also, these photos should be genuine. Photoshopped images, from which the products may differ from the merchandises may hamper building trust of the customer.
  • The e-commerce site should have an “About us” page, which should contain precise details about owners, customer care and the vendors.
  • The price of each product should be mentioned below it (including the delivery charges). There should be no hidden charges. There should be a breakdown of the price of the product, the taxes and delivery charges if any. People are usually vigilant about the price. So, transparency about the price will help build trust.
  • There has to be transparency about the reviews.
  • In case a potential customer comes across an issue while browsing through the e-commerce site, customer care should show empathy.

Building Trust In Online Casinos

However ridiculous it sounds, people don’t seem to have a feather off the cap from the fate of Yudhisthira in the matter of gambling. Now, gambling has taken the form of casinos. Without denial, there are genuine as well as rogue casinos in the world. So, gambling addicts find it difficult to trust genuine ones. So, let us find out how to trust legitimate casinos. High-Risk Pay eCommerce merchant accounts can help.

  • A genuine online casino, M88, for example, has excellent reviews. If most of the reviews are positive, it may be worthy of trust.
      • A gambling regulatory body like Curacao or the UK gambling commission will license a genuine casino. Also, the license should be regularly renewed.
      • There will be a set of rules which a genuine gambling casino will impose on the members. These rules are known as a bonus. This bonus should be transparent and fair.
      • The software providers of these casinos should be authentic so that the users do not end up with malware on their phone or computer.

Building Trust On Credit Cards

Broken trust is like broken china. However, well, it is mended, a crack is always visible. Similarly, once a business loses the faith of a customer, it cannot be regained.

  • So, it is essential to build the trust of the customer before building up the business. A credit card deals with the finances of the customer. Thus, the credit card companies should go the extra mile to build up the trust of the customer. Let us discuss the methods of building trust.
  • The financial information of the customer must be kept secure. No third party should be able to access the banking details of the customer. In case the security of the merchant account is breached, the customer has to be informed immediately. After that, the cybercrime department has to be looped in without any further delay.
  • The processing charges of the credit card must be clarified at the beginning.
  • In case any mistakes occur from the merchant’s end, they should admit their mistakes immediately to the customer and try to make it up.

To conclude, trust is more critical in business than profit or loss. Trust may make the difference between profit and loss in any transaction. A company that people do not trust will never be able to rake in the moolah. So, it is essential to build up trust, following the pointers mentioned above.

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