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Trends In Decoration Of Commercial Premises

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The shopping centers are environments of high level of competitiveness, where recognized brands and products compete hand in hand in a space full of visual stimuli, offers, all on a very specific public profile, different, for example, from the one that circulates on the public road in this sense, the design becomes essential to capture the attention of potential customers, as well as to stand out among those who already know and seek what we have to offer.

One of the aspects that consumers analyze before entering a store or commercial premises of any kind is its design. If the establishment has a consolidated style or is fashionable, people are more likely to decide to enter. Therefore, today, we tell you what are the trends in the design and decoration of commercial spaces.

Not all business premises are equal and it is important that these councils adapt to the types of business depending on the sector and the products or services offered therein. Decorating a restaurant or clothing store is not the same, especially in the case of access control. In fact, it would not even be the same between an oriental restaurant and a typical American restaurant. With this clarification, let’s start.

Decoration styles for commercial establishments

There are established styles that you can implement, such as Nordic, industrial, oriental, vintage or even a more traditional approach. All these have defined colors, shapes, accessories and materials that you can use if you are just looking for such an environment. However, these designs are not usually easy to adapt for any niche, so we bring you some decoration tips that are in trend and with which you can play freely.

The natural

A trend that is sweeping the decoration of homes and commercial establishments is the use of materials and colors that allude to the natural. These times of uncertainty and pessimistic perception regarding the environmental conditions of the planet make people want to be in spaces that give them that feeling of being surrounded by nature. Therefore, using materials such as wood, rattan, wicker or other natural fibers will be the best option to apply this style. Similarly, you can use color palettes inspired by natural environments to complement the decoration.


Following the previous line, a trend that has a very good reception among consumers is to use recycled furniture or implement sustainable methods within the establishments. In the market there are brands of furniture that make accessories and parts in recycled materials such as car tires, plastics, etc. Implementing this in the decoration of your premises can highlight it from others and can offer a more enjoyable experience for your customers.

Bold colors

Using bright colors or a palette of the same color in different shades are two ways to adapt this trend to your establishment. Remember that color has an impact on people’s behavior and perception, if you play well with it, you can achieve even better results.

The old and the new

In decoration, the important thing is to create a unique and complete experience for customers and thus generate a connection with the brand. Therefore, one way to achieve it – especially among younger generations – is to combine old places or an old look with modern accessories. Whether your store is leased or own, if you have the possibility to apply this style, you will achieve an exceptional space for your customers. The location is also important to ensure that your establishment is targeted by your target audience.

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